UPDATE: Kobe Offered One Year/$6.7 Million Contract In Italy or Up To $11.1 Million For 15 Home Games

23 Sep

By RJP Staff

Wednesday, we reported that Italian club Virtus Bologna had offered Kobe $600,000 per home game after taxes for their first three home games (Oct. 16th, 23rd and Nov. 6th).

Bologna has decided to up the ante, offering Kobe four different deals: one for one year and $6.7M, they’ve also offered him two month and one month options. The most profitable however seems to be the last, a per game deal that would pay $739,640 per home game, a pre tax sum about $60K less than what he was offered for those three home games.

Virtus Bolona, which has 15 home games, would actually end up paying Bryant almost $3.4 Million more for half as many games if Bryant were to take the per game option, as his gross pay would equal $11,094,600 before taxes for those games. After taxes he’d ultimately make slightly less than the $6.7 Million for all 30 games ($6.4M), but that $6.7 Million is really about $3.9M after taxes, so either way he’d make about $2.5 Million more to do half the work.

I’m sure Bryant’s agent, Rob Pelinka, advised him of this once he got off his conference call with Bologna GM Massimo Faraoni, Owner Claudio Sabatini, and their main sponsor, Canadian Solar, who would provide the money for the deal.

Kobe, who has also been courted by Turkish club Beisktas, which signed Deron Williams in July and Iverson last fall, is weighing his options while waiting to see what happens with the labor talks. Those talks aren’t looking promising, though, as the NBA postponed the start of training camps today, the 85th day of the NBA Lockout.


One Response to “UPDATE: Kobe Offered One Year/$6.7 Million Contract In Italy or Up To $11.1 Million For 15 Home Games”

  1. Greg GMoney Jones September 23, 2011 at 1:34 PM #

    Get your money Kobe! You gonna need it loaning your bread out to dudes in the league… you know how black people are about paying each other back LOL #ilovemypeople though haha

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