The Return Of Pick ‘Em: Week 5

1 Oct


By Chris McCoy

After posting a .676 winning percentage last year, it’s only right to bring back Pick ‘Em. In honor of the New RJP Top 25 College Football Poll starting this week, I’m starting a little earlier this year, so that I have a larger catalog of games to solidify my *PREDICTION* .700 winning percentage this year!

This year we’ve also decided to add another element to the mix, the game of the week. This week’s game of the week is between the #8 Nebraska Cornhuskers and the #5 Wisconsin Badgers. I’m rolling with the Badgers at home. Since 2008, the  Badgers are 22-2 in Camp Randall Stadium, with those two losses to ranked Ohio State and Iowa teams by a combined 13 points. So it should be close either way. The Badgers schedule so far is even worst than, Virginia Tech’s, but they have been ROLLING through their opponents. I’m interested in seeing how explosive their Russell Wilson led offense is against the Cornhuskers’ defense. I expect a game with about 60 combined points,  Wisconsin by 10.

Check out all my picks below:


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