On Second Thought… I Can’t F*ck With Y’all

11 Oct

By RJP Staff

With Syracuse and Pittsburgh set to leave the Big East for the ACC; UConn not far behind them, Rutgers looking into its options, and Louisville being courted by the Big XII; TCU was quick to reconsider it’s options when the Big XII came a calling.

TCU, who got left on the outside looking in when Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, and Baylor decided to leave the Southwest Conference by accepting invitations to join the Big Eight – thus forming the Big XII in 1994, finally get their chance to join the Big XII – essentially taking Texas A&M’s spot.

Even after being treated like Cinderella, the Horned Frogs, couldn’t resist a shot at the big dance.

“We never made an excuse. We never said, ‘Why not us?'” said athletic director Chris Del Conte. “[TCU donors and fans] decided, ‘We will take care of our own. We will get to the promised land if we work hard and believe in each other.’ And you did that… Today is living proof that dreams do come true.”

TCU’s glass slipper comes with a $5 million dollar price tag; while they aren’t bound by the 27-month notice that’s keeping Syracuse and Pittsburg in the league until 2013, it will be required to pay the hefty exit fee.

No one at the school seems to be sweating the bill, though.

“Joining the Big 12 connects us not only to schools with whom we share a rich tradition in sports, but also to schools committed to academic excellence,” TCU chancellor Victor J. Boschini Jr. said in a statement. “Over the past six years, TCU has seen unprecedented success in academics and athletics. Participating in this conference allows us to strengthen the core of the TCU experience, which includes providing students with major opportunities in a personalized environment. It is very much in line with our overall goal to create a world-class university.”

TCU, with all of its 9,518 students becomes the smallest school in the Big XII. And while they struggle to fill seats in their 50,000 seat stadium (which is currently undergoing a $164 Million renovation), attendance will undoubted see a drastic spike with the likes of Texas and Oklahoma making stops in Fort Worth. Those games sure beat coming to see UNLV (8-22 since 2009) and New Mexico (2-27 since 2009).

Despite the recent developments surrounding the breakdown with the Big East, the Horned Frogs were still fully committed to joining the conference, until “there was a glimmer of hope” that their Prince Charming was checking them out, according to TCU athletic director Chris Del Conte.

Of course, the Big East is disappointed – this may be a crushing blow to their survival past 2013.

“Although never having competed as a member of the Big East Conference, we are disappointed with the news that TCU is joining the Big 12,” Big East Commissioner John Marinatto said via a statement released late Monday.

TCU couldn’t be more ecstatic though. They no longer have to go undefeated for a shot at the BCS… All they have to do is win the Big XII now… good luck with that!

Winning the Big XII is just what head football coach Gary Patterson has in mind though, “Being in the Big 12 Conference doesn’t make us successful,” Patterson said. “Winning in the Big 12 Conference is what makes you successful. Our goal is going to be to win in the Big 12 Conference, not just compete in the Big 12 Conference.”


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