RARE: Jordan Interview from 1997

19 Oct

The Greats: Jordan and Jackson

By RJP Staff

Michael Jordan has got to be one of the most televised professional athletes of all time. Whether that’s games, television commercials, footage of him playing in pro am golf tournaments, interviews, or just watching the Bobcats from the sideline. Needless to say, it’s extremely rare in 2011, to see some Jordan footage you’ve never seen before. This youtube video posted yesterday by rairjordan features MJ on the Keenan Ivory Wayans Show. the KIW Show only lasted seven months, though, so this interview was apparently one of the shows that never aired.

Barkley loss to Jordan in the 93 NBA Finals

In the interview, Jordan talks about surprising himself with some of his last second shots, his ultimate dream – to one day have a potbelly, as well as some of his friends in the NBA, including Charles Barkley:

“When I’m hanging out with Charles, I mean, I can say whatever I want to to Charles… they never won. He’s a second place finisher. This is our conversation. I mean, but he knows, there’s a certain rapport that it’s not demeaning to Charles, I’m motivating Charles to get on my level in terms of winning championships… Charles is a great speaker, he’s a witty guy, but when he gets out of his arena, talking about winning… I have to bring him back to reality.”

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Jordan also talks about his kids, who at the time of the interview were 8, 6 and 4, meaning this interview was from ’97 as Jeffrey, Marcus and Jasmine were all born late in the calendar year (11/18/88, 12/24/90, and 12/7/92 respectively).

Marcus and Jeffrey currently play for the University of Central Florida, while Jasmine just entered her freshman year at Syracuse.

Check out the interview below:


2 Responses to “RARE: Jordan Interview from 1997”

  1. Wayno November 1, 2011 at 6:56 PM #

    Wow…I just read a few weeks ago that Marcus was attending his “1st” NFL game ever…made me go hmmmmmmmmm…..I wonder if MJ was into being “MJ” that he couldn’t find the time….


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