Procrastinator Alert: Top Sleepers of Week 9

6 Nov

By Curtis M. Gaines

Trying to fill out that line up at the last minute? Here are some guys you’ll definitely want to start this week. Don’t forget to check out my Week 9 Waiver Watchers report too!

Last week: 15.2 points.

Jonathan Baldwin

Exploded on the fantasy scene last week with a solid performance finishing with five receptions, 82 yards and a score on eight targets, second only to number one Chief’s receiver, Dwayne Bowe.

This week Baldwin faces a poor Miami defense and the Chief’s are adamant about getting him involved whether by lining him up in the slot or wide, in any case Baldwin presents an extraordinary mismatch with a lethal combination of speed, size, and leaping ability.

Projection: 6 rec. 80 yards 2 TD


Matt Cassel

Has in no way shape or form been close to consideration of starting except for this week, where the Chiefs have bolstered their receiving corp with the addition of Baldwin and have started to gel offensively. This week Cassell faces a Miami pass defense who give up an average of 270 yards through the air and have given up at least two touchdowns in their previous match-ups except to Philip Rivers and Mark Sanchez who are both struggling this year from a fantasy standpoint. Last team Cassel faced with a favorable match-up was the Indianapolis Colts who he obliterated with 257 yards and four scores.

Projection: 320 yards 3 TD 1 INT


Last week: Tolbert DNP

Mike Tolbert

With Ryan Matthews game time status unlikely, Tolbert will get the start against a defense giving up 102 yards per game. Doesn’t sound like much? Consider this, Green Bay has faced the likes of Adrian Peterson, Willis McGahee, and Steven Jackson who all accumulated over 100 yards on the ground against their defense. I’m not saying Tolbert will amass that many yards on the ground but he is a formidable threat through the air as well. Noteworthy as well is the simple truth that keeping Rodgers off the field increases your team’s chance of winning, which means controlling the clock, which means running the rock.

Projection: 90 Rush, 6 rec. 30 yards, 1 TD


Carson Palmer

Is this really a reach? Considering Palmer retired at the peak of his career can a week make all the difference? I think so. Adding T.J. Houshmandzadeh gives Palmer security, in an offense he might not fully be capable of running. A stretch? Bear with me. Ex: Palmer lines up and has to change the play, the most mundane task of learning an offense is learning the audibles, which can lead to mix-ups or delay of games, adding T.J to the equation means that Palmer can quickly route him to an equivalent hot route that both of them are familiar with. This gives Palmer a safety net to still make his progressions if need be but to now he has control of at least one receiver, T.J. I expect Palmer to do well against Denver. Bear in mind the Raiders are going to be playing without McFadden, thus increasing the frequency of pass plays.

Projection: 310 yards 2 TD 2 INT


Last week: 7.4 points

Jason Avant

Yes it is extremely disheartening to see even more targets taken from Desean Jackson but let’s face it, if the defense is going to key on Jackson there are openings all across the field. Avant is the benefactor of defenses focusing on Jackson, McCoy and Vick. This week I expect Desean to get his touches but I also expect Avant to find the end zone and substantial yardage. The Eagles offense is starting to run like a well oiled machine and that spells trouble for defenses who will have to proverbially, pick their poison.

Projection: 8 rec. 110 yards 1 TD


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