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BEST TAILGATING VIDEO EVER: Two Grandmas Shot Gunning Beer at EMU vs. Michigan Football Game

19 Sep

Best tailgating video EVER

By Chris McCoy

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this is the best tailgating video of all time!


Two grandmas battling it out with Michelob Ultras at a tailgating party is highly entertaining, don’t believe me?? Just check out how many people are recording it all. Hell, even a little girl behind them is trying to capture this moment in time. I see how y’all get down in Ann Arbor… still waiting for my invite! I’ll come party with y’all anytime!

Oh yeah the game… the Wolverines won 31-3, vaulting them into the AP Top 25 at number 22. The players apparently aren’t impressed with the ranking, and I’d have to say I’m more impressed with the grandmas too.

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Did Floyd Explode on Merchant Because of Post Bout Comments in 1998?

19 Sep

Floyd knocking out Ortiz in the 4th round

By RJP Staff

The world is still buzzing about Saturday’s fight. Whether they’re talking about the “cheap shot” or about Floyd going in on Larry Merchant.

Floyd seemed like he had somethings to get off of his chest, saying  “You don’t never give me a fair shake. You know that. So I’m gonna go ahead and let you talk to Victor Ortiz. Aight, I’m through. They put somebody else up here to give me an interview… You never give me a fair shake. HBO need to fire you. You don’t know s**t about boxing. You ain’t s**t! You’re not s**t!”

A lot of people have been wondering what brought that on. The 80 year old merchant retorted “I wish I was 50 years younger and I’d kick your ass.” Watching it live, Larry Merchant’s surprised face makes you think he has no idea where this is coming from.

Floyd's face says a lot.

No one in Floyd’s entourage seemed that surprised, though, like it was planned out. Like he’d been holding that in for some time. The clip below from Floyd’s WBC Super Featherweight title bout against Angel Manfredy on December 19, 1998 has an exchange between he and Merchant that may explain a lot.

About the five minute mark, Merchant asks Floyd if he’s thinking about moving up in divisions, and Floyd responds, but begins to stutter at the end. Merchant then says to him, “You’re only quick in the ring, thank you very much Floyd.” Floyd then gives Merchant a look like what did he just say to me? Has his resentment for Merchant been building up for 13 years? We’re not sure, but check out the exchange in the clip below for yourself.

Top 10 NBA Dunks of All Time???

2 Mar

Kenny Smith is right about the last one… DQ’ed!


1 Mar

44 Ways to Shine Pt. 2

5 Feb


Super Bowl XII
January 15, 1978 | Louisiana Superdome |
New Orleans, LA
Dallas Cowboys 27
Denver Broncos 10
MVP: Randy White and Harvey Martin, Dallas




Super Bowl XIII
January 21, 1979 | Orange Bowl |
Miami, FL
Pittsburgh Steelers 35
Dallas Cowboys 31
MVP: Terry Bradshaw, Pittsburgh





Super Bowl XIV
January 20, 1980 | Rose Bowl |
Pasadena, CA
Pittsburgh Steelers 31
Los Angeles Rams 19
MVP: Terry Bradshaw, Pittsburgh





Super Bowl XV
January 25, 1981 | Louisiana Superdome |
New Orleans, LA
Oakland Raiders 27
Philadelphia Eagles 10
MVP: Jim Plunkett, Oakland





Super Bowl XVI
January 24, 1982 | Pontiac Silverdome |
Pontiac, MI
San Francisco 49ers 26
Cincinnati Bengals 21
MVP: Joe Montana, San Francisco





Super Bowl XVII
January 30, 1983 | Rose Bowl |
Pasadena, CA
Washington Redskins 27
Miami Dolphins 17
MVP: John Riggins, Washington




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5 Feb

44 Ways to Shine Pt. 1

4 Feb


Super Bowl I
January 12, 1967 | Memorial Coliseum |
Los Angeles, CA
Green Bay Packers 35
Kansas City Chiefs 10
MVP: Bart Starr, Green Bay




Super Bowl II
January 14, 1968 | Orange Bowl |
Miami, FL
Green Bay Packers 33
Oakland Raiders 14
MVP: Bart Starr, Green Bay




Super Bowl III
January 12, 1969 | Orange Bowl |
Miami, FL
New York Jets 16
Baltimore Colts 7
MVP: Joe Namath, N.Y. Jets




Super Bowl IV
January 11, 1970 | Tulane Stadium |
New Orleans, LA
Kansas City Chiefs 23
Minnesota Vikings 7
MVP: Len Dawson, Kansas City




Super Bowl V
January 17, 1971 | Orange Bowl |
Miami, FL
Baltimore Colts 16
Dallas Cowboys 13
MVP: Chuck Howley, Dallas




Super Bowl VI
January 16, 1972 | Tulane Stadium |
New Orleans, LA
Dallas Cowboys 24
Miami Dolphins 3
MVP: Roger Staubach, Dallas



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