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It’s ALWAYS About The Matchups

9 Oct

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Arian Foster Become the First Player to Sign the New CBA!

23 Jul

By Chris McCoy

Arian Foster‘s trainer told me to watch out for him before last season; told me he was hungry, training hard, and was going to do big things in 2010. I listened, drafted him in almost all my fantasy leagues (got beat to the punch in one), and destroyed the competition after he led the NFL in rushing.

I haven’t talked to his trainer during the lockout, but from the looks of this picture, he’s still hungry, ready to get back to work, and has a great since of humor.


Wimbledon in 3D

14 Jun

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2 Jun

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She Cried Like Dick Vermeil

27 May

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Money Mayweather Agrees To Big Payday With Pacquiao

19 May

Chad Pennington has the Worst Luck Ever!

1 Apr

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