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Let Me Holla @You: @ChrisJohnson28

31 Oct

Johnson rushed for 34 yards on 14 carries in the Titans 27-10 win over the Colts Sunday. Through 7 games Johnson has 302 yards on 107 carries and 1 TD.

Dear Chris Johnson,

I understand you got your money, and probably didn’t stay in shape during the lockout, but I need you to start attacking the gaps on runs… my fantasy team will thank you… as well as Titans Nation. Nobody wants to sit in LP Field and boo you… but right about now you’re giving most of us an urge for A COUPLE OF REASONS.

I’ve been a Titans fan since Eddie George, and a fan of you since ECU #GOPIRATES #classof08standup, and am cheering for you, and going to bat for you… Make us all look good.

James P
Titans Fan
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Brandon Jennings Tweets A LeBron Hairline Joke

6 Sep

Maryland RB Davin Meggett

By Chris McCoy

Last it seemed like everybody was taking to Twitter and/or Facebook to talk about the Maryland football uniforms. I actually thought they were dope as hell. So did Brandon Jennings, as evident in his tweet, “Shout out to Marylard Football Team Last Night, with the Dope Jersey’s….. They don’t understand It”.

Most people didn’t like them though, including “King” James, who tweeted, “OH GOSH! Maryland uniforms #Ewwwwww!”. Jennings, then took that opportunity to crack a joke on LeBron’s ever-disappearing hairline. Check it out below.

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