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Better Dunk: LeBron Over Lucas? Or Perkins Getting Mosgoved

31 Jan

By RJP Staff

We know it’s only Tuesday, but we can almost guarantee we’re not going to see a dunk better than these two all week… maybe all year for that matter. Let us know in the comment section below which dunk you like better, and we’ll highlight that as the dunk of the week.

In the Red corner you have LeBron James dunking over the 5’11” John Lucas…. and in the Blue corner you have Blake the Great Mosgoving Kendrick Perkins… If you’re not sure what a Mosgov is, click here for the poster of Blake the Great’s first performance of this dunk in November of 2010. We’d argue this one is better is better than the ’10-11 version, as he actually put his hand on the rim this time. We vote for this to become Blake’s new signature dunk… f*** the car!

Red Corner: LeBron Over Lucus

Blue Corner: Perkins Gets Mosgoved

Make sure you let us know which dunk should win “Dunk of the Week” in the comments below!


Drake Performs “Headlines” and “The Motto” At The NHL All-Star Game

30 Jan

106th & Park Salsa Battle: Victor Cruz vs. Rocsi Diaz

27 Jan

RARE: 60 Minutes of Rare Michael Jordan Footage From The 1990-91 Season

8 Dec

1990-91 Jordan's second MVP season

By RJP Staff

As we prepare for the basketball season, we’d thought we’d wet your appetite with greatness. Chances are with all the back-to-backs and back-to-back-to-backs you’ll be seeing some bad basketball this from every team at least a few times this season.

Most Jordan enthusiast think they’ve seen it all, but just when you think you have seen all the Jordan footage or heard all of the stories of MJ’s heroics or just athleticism, new footage, interviews, or stories surface to remind you that you need to erase any doubt that MJ is the GOAT and accept that he’s underrated at all aspects of the game.

Check out this amazing video featuring just over an hour of MJ footage from 1990-91, his second MVP season.  It’s not all dunks either, checkout this description from the video’s creator:

Here’s a video I made highlighting just how remarkably skilled MJ was during the 90-91 season. All plays are from the 90-91 season. You’ll see the usual array of athletic plays, but I also added just as many (if not more) plays focusing on his footwork, post ups, fadeaways, defense, passing ability, spin moves, bank shots and use of his left hand — all those soft skills he mastered earlier than most people want to remember. 

Jordan’s 1990-91 season is my favorite because it perfectly blends his amazing physical capabilities with a mastery (yes, mastery) of the skills he used almost exclusively in the late 90′s. Here is my tribute to that season.

**As a bonus I wanted to show a few statlines from that season. Statistically this was actually one of his most unusual.  He was consistent with a 31 ppg average, didn’t drop 50 or record a triple double all season, but when the finals came he turned into a boxscore killer averaging over 30pts & 10ast.**

  • 33 pts, 9 ast, 8 stls, 7 rebs
  • 34 pts, 7 ast, 7 stls
  • 39 pts, 9 rebs, 6 stls, 6 ast
  • 42 pts, 14 rebs, 7 ast
  • 38 pts, 19 rebs, 7 ast
  • 33 pts, 15 rebs, 9 ast
  • 34 pts, 10 rebs, 9 ast
  • 33 pts, 12 ast, 8 rebs
  • 38 pts, 12 ast, 7 rebs
NBA Finals
  • 36 pts, 12 ast, 8 rebs
  • 33 pts, 13 ast, 7 rebs
  • 29 pts, 9 ast, 9 rebs
  • 28 pts, 13 ast, 5 rebs
  • 30 pts, 10 ast, 4  rebs

Sir Isaac: 5’10″…….. 55″ VERTICAL

7 Dec

Hops for days

By RJP Staff

They say Isaac White aka Sir Isaac has a 55″ vertical… if true THAT’S INSANE. That’s over five and a half feet off the ground people! On top of that, HE’S ONLY 5’10”!!!! Don’t believe it? Before you watch the rest of this video… fastforward to 3:22; there you will see him grabbing a shirt off of a 12’8″ beam.

CRAZY right? What’s even more wild is that he’s come in second, three straight years at the Sprite Showdown Contest. Why isn’t this guy high jumping? There’s probably more money in that for him; $100K every time you break the world record sounds terrific when you could probably break both indoor and outdoor records a combined 20 times a year for the next 9 years (he’s only 21… and could break it by one centimeter each time). $2 Mil a year for nine years? Who wouldn’t take that? Whether or not he decides to pursue track and field or not, we should know pretty soon what his official vertical actually is, as he will soon be tested by the Guiness Book of World Records for highest leap. Check out both vids, and let us know what you think about him.

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23 Nov

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6 Nov