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Better Dunk: LeBron Over Lucas? Or Perkins Getting Mosgoved

31 Jan

By RJP Staff

We know it’s only Tuesday, but we can almost guarantee we’re not going to see a dunk better than these two all week… maybe all year for that matter. Let us know in the comment section below which dunk you like better, and we’ll highlight that as the dunk of the week.

In the Red corner you have LeBron James dunking over the 5’11” John Lucas…. and in the Blue corner you have Blake the Great Mosgoving Kendrick Perkins… If you’re not sure what a Mosgov is, click here for the poster of Blake the Great’s first performance of this dunk in November of 2010. We’d argue this one is better is better than the ’10-11 version, as he actually put his hand on the rim this time. We vote for this to become Blake’s new signature dunk… f*** the car!

Red Corner: LeBron Over Lucus

Blue Corner: Perkins Gets Mosgoved

Make sure you let us know which dunk should win “Dunk of the Week” in the comments below!


Dwight Howard’s Sick Alley Oop Windmill

6 Nov

By RJP Staff

While practicing at Rollins College in Winter Park, FL, Dwight Howard freaks a sick dunk: Alley to myself + windmill. Check it out below:

Impact Basketball Competitive Training Series Week 1 Highlights

19 Sep

By RJP Staff

The NBA Lockout has brought us some of the best exhibition play in recent memory, and if there was an MVP of the exhibition season, it’d definitely be KD. Durant isn’t playing in the Impact Basketball Competitive Training Series in Las Vegas, which has featured over 40 NBA pros since Monday including: John Wall, Rashard Lewis, JJ Hickson, DeMar DeRozan, JaVale McGee, Marreese Speights, Jermaine O’neal, Mo Williams, and Josh Selby.

Wall shot a lowly 29.6% from three last season.

With the season still in jeopardy, many players are still using their time this summer wisely, improving facets of their game for Europe, the Middle East, China or wherever they may play this winter (we still have my fingers crossed for America). One such player is All Rookie First Team point guard, John Wall, who in a 122-115 loss on Wednesday dropped 42 points 8 assists and 9 rebounds. Wall was feeling himself, and after making an early three pointer and shouted,  “Y’all better guard me.” His jumper was so wet it caught the attention of Jared Dudley, who was on the opposing team, and tweeted this:


Wall who shot 41% from the field last year, and 30% from behind the arc, could afford to improve his J, and could be even more dangerous if he has. Check out the video of Wall going off and also the top 15 plays of the first week of the Impact Basketball Competitive Training Series.

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Superman The Clown

31 Aug

By RJP Staff

WARNING: If you’re afraid of clowns don’t watch this next video.

Dwight Howard attending Adidas Crazy Light Challenge at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo, Japan yesterday wearing a clown wig. He was watching some unimpressive Japanese ballers attempt to throw down for the crowd. After having enough of their weak dunks, he decided to join in on the action. Check out his off the backboard clown cockback below.

Knicks Rookie PG Iman Shumpert’s Ill 360 Windmill

21 Aug

The Knicks drafted PG Iman Shumpert with their 17th pick for his defensive prowess, but Shumpert has hops too. Check out this 360 windmill in the video below. I promise you if you try this in H-O-R-S-E on the last letter you’re almost guaranteed to go home the winner.

Shannon Brown switches hands in mid air for a crowd pleasing dunk

29 Mar

Rico Cunningham – The Other Guy: Rico’s 2011 NCAA Dunk Contest Audition

10 Mar