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The Post-Hunter 2011 Era

2 Oct

The Fan In Me: Dallas Cowboys

11 Sep

Hall of Famers: Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin

By RJP Staff

The fan in Bradley Whisenhunt loves the Dallas Cowboys. Where are my other Boys fans out there? Maybe you love someone else… who do you love? Send in your vids!

Whether they’re college or pro, fooball or basketball, a powerhouse or a basement dweller. Everyone has their reasons for loving their favorites, tell us yours. In fact if you’d like us to post your youtube “The Fan In Me” video: Tell us your name, your favorite team, why you love them, how long you love them, and then the floor is yours to talk about whatever is going on with the team at the moment.

The Fan In Me: Tennessee Volunteers

10 Sep

The legendary T

By RJP Staff

Watch as Anthony Raiford tells us about his love for the Tennessee Vols football program. Are you a fan of the Vols too? We’d love to hear about why you love them. If you are a REAL¬†fan of another college team let us know why you love them more than any other program. All videos are welcomed. Make sure you tell the viewers who you love, how long you’ve loved them, why you love them, and then the stage is yours to discuss your thoughts and feelings about whatever’s currently going on with the program. Hope to see some of your videos soon. Email us at to get on! Look forward to hearing from you!

The Fan In Me: Virginia Tech Hokies

3 Sep

Logan Thomas to David Wilson

By Chris McCoy

We’re rolling out something new… video blogs or vlogs. I know that most people don’t read anymore and with this made for TV face you might as well watch me while I talk about it right? LOL. Seriously though, our newest category, which you can find under VLOGS in the Media tab is called “The Fan In Me”. It’s an uncensored outlet for our staff and readers to say whatever they think or feel about their favorite teams without trying to be objective. Tell us why you love your favorite team, when you started liking them, and just go into whatever the hot topic on that team may be at the moment. Email me at and I’ll be sure to put you on the site. We look forward to your videos… here’s my first one below.