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A D-League ball boy gave Terrence Williams a wake-up call

13 Dec

It’s been an eventful month for Terrence Williams of the New Jersey Nets, bookended by going all Soul Asylum on LeBron James and donating $20,000 to the city of Newark, N.J., to both buy holiday toys for children and “teach kids more about black history.”

In between, the former Louisville standout got busted down to the D-League as a punishment for persistent tardiness, averaged a triple-double during a three-game stint in Massachusetts for the D-League’s Springfield Armor, then promptly came back to the big show (well, as big a show as you can consider Avery Johnson’s 6-18 squad).

Upon returning to the Nets, Williams told Colin Stephenson of the Newark Star-Ledger that the demotion caused him to re-evaluate his behavior (no, really):

“There definitely was an awakening,” [Williams] said of his three-game experience in the D-League. “It woke me up a lot. I’m not going to sit here and give you the typical answers — everybody that goes to the D-League and comes back says, ‘Yeah, I understood my lesson.’ When I say I understood my lesson, I truly mean that, in the most sincere way, that I really understood going down there and it definitely woke me up, and hopefully helps my career in the long run.”

The key elements that drove the lesson home, according to Williams? His mother crying after hearing the news and asking him if he’d been kicked out of the NBA — and some words of wisdom from an Armor ball boy.

Out of the mouths of babes:

“One of the ball boys there was 12 years old,” Williams recalled. “[When] I started the first game, I was like, ‘Do you watch the NBA?’ He said, ‘Yeah, you’re one of the players I [like to] watch. Why would you blow it?’ I was like, ‘What are you talking about?’ He said, ‘Why would you want to have an attitude, and be late — the simplest things you can control? And you get to be in the NBA? I would die to do that, so don’t blow it.'”

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Random Thought #010

12 Dec

31-7 49ers with 7:13 remaining in the 3rd Quarter

With a view like this… who’s watching the blowout lol… Merry Christmas

-Chris McCoy

James Naismith’s rules at auction

10 Dec

Associated Press

AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews: The two pages used by Dr. James Naismith to write the first basketball rules will be auctioned Dec. 10.

NEW YORK — The original rules of basketball are being sold at a New York City auction.

Sotheby’s is offering the Naismith Rules on Friday afternoon as part of a sale of historic documents. The presale estimate is $2 million.

James Naismith wrote the 13 rules nearly 119 years ago. The physical education instructor invented basketball as a winter activity for a YMCA in Springfield, Mass.

The basketball document is typed, but also contains handwritten notes.

It’s being sold to raise money for the Naismith International Basketball Foundation. The organization promotes sportsmanship and provides services to underprivileged children around the world.

Copyright 2010 by The Associated Press

Artistic touch in the NBA

10 Dec

Recently Nike debuted a new House of Hoops location in Miami back in October. As a way to unveil the new store they commissioned artist Alberto Russo to create a handful of illustrations to commemorate the grand opening. Being a student of the arts I def can appreciate the creative work done by Russo. Russo created eye-popping illustrations of Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers, Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade of the hometown Miami Heat. The mixture of traditional pencil/marker technique with Photoshop illustration and digital manipulation gives the pictures a feel that’s simultaneously sharply realistic and dramatically expansive, and the coloring in the background is fantastic.

-Darius Barnes

Top Ten Most Entertaining Coaches for Lebron to Bump

4 Dec

by Karim Dixon

So after watching “the bump” a few times it made me think. How would that situation have been different if it were another coach? Then it hit me. In a world run by polls and rankings why not do a list of most entertaining Bron bumps. What if Lebron’s coach was…

#10.Larry Brown- Lebron bumps Brown, Jordan creates a retaliatory commercial and Nike sells more shoes.

#9.Scott Skiles- Lebron walks in Skiles direction only to be stopped by the teams mascot.

#8.Tom- Thibodeu Thibodeu-  He’s seen the scouting report on every player a thousand times. He knows what’s coming. He calculates floor spacing to prevent James from landing a cheap shot

#7.Rick Carlisle-  Lebron lands one on Carlisle and Cuban follows suite. That’s what you call a die hard owner.

#6.Stan Vangundy- The team braces for a whining tirade only to watch Vangundy collapse from high blood pressure.

#5.Don Nelson- Lebron is too good for the dog house. As punishment Nelson starts James at center for the rest of the season where James will take more than his share of bumps to return the favor.

#4.Greg Povich- One of two things happen here. Either Lebron is bumped by Tim Duncan .5 seconds after his initial bump or a group of men in black suits escort James off the court after which James anounces he (mysteriously) “hurts his leg” in a fall during the press conference after the game.

#3.Jerry Sloan- Sloan benches Lebron for the rest of the year but manages a decent record which finally wins him coach of the year.

#2.Phil Jackson- coach almost never stands so there is no bump. The Zen master wins again.

#1.Avery Johnson- Remember the brawl at the palace? Just as much action just Avery and Lebron. After taking 5 seonds to digest that he was bumped Avery gives James the Vandaminator

BCS Standings – 11/28/10

28 Nov

AP Poll Week 14

28 Nov