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Floyd Going Ham on “Victoria” Ortiz on His Twitter Timeline

27 Sep

By RJP StaffMoney Mayweather was GOING IN on Victor Ortiz on Twitter last night; calling him Victoria Ortiz and getting inventive with Photoshop.He facetiously questions whether he wants "another rematch becuase he thinks he can win or does he want another payday", and gives him a new nickname: "Take 2 of these and call me in the morning".It's all for entertainment purposes only, hell that's what Twitter's for right? Check out the tweets and twitpics below.




BEST TAILGATING VIDEO EVER: Two Grandmas Shot Gunning Beer at EMU vs. Michigan Football Game

19 Sep

Best tailgating video EVER

By Chris McCoy

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this is the best tailgating video of all time!


Two grandmas battling it out with Michelob Ultras at a tailgating party is highly entertaining, don’t believe me?? Just check out how many people are recording it all. Hell, even a little girl behind them is trying to capture this moment in time. I see how y’all get down in Ann Arbor… still waiting for my invite! I’ll come party with y’all anytime!

Oh yeah the game… the Wolverines won 31-3, vaulting them into the AP Top 25 at number 22. The players apparently aren’t impressed with the ranking, and I’d have to say I’m more impressed with the grandmas too.

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Tyson’s Thoughts On Glen Rice Smashing Sarah Palin

16 Sep

Yeah... he smashed

By RJP Staff

Allegations that Sarah Palin had a one night stand with Glen Rice, according to Joe McGinniss’s The Rogue: Searching For The Real Sarah Palin, due out on September 20, exploded on the web on Wednesday.

One reason we didn’t report it initially was because of the source, The National Enquirer, but Rice has since confirmed that he had a one-time relationship with the former Vice Presidential candidate, who was a TV News sports reporter at the time, in 1987, while Rice was there with the Michigan Wolverines basketball team for the Great Alaska Shootout.

So many thoughts come to mind when you think about Palin having an affinity for black men. Mike Tyson had A LOT to say about the issue when he yesterday as a guest on Gridlock KWWN ESPN Radio 1100/98.9FM.

Though Tyson was stoked that Palin was into black guys, he doesn’t think Rice is the kind of guy who would have given it to her the way he would want.

“Glen Rice is a wonderful man. He’s a wonderful guy,” Tyson said, “But you want her to be with somebody like [Dennis] Rodman getting up in there. Pushing her guts up in the back of her head!

“Glen Rice is a nice, mellow, docile man, non-threatening black guy — you want someone like Rodman — yeah baby! Imagine Palin with a big old black stallion ripping — yeehaw!”

Tyson proceeded to opine on the sexual desires of men and women.

“In life in general you know, everybody gotta get that out of their system when they get out of college. If you’re a black man, every white girl, every uppity middle class — everybody gotta get their share of love.”

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This Season On Basketball Husbands

13 Sep

Amanuel Swoopes lol

By RJP Staff

What are the husbands of the entertainment world like? Find out on this season of Basketball Husbands… Of course this is just a parody of the VH1 show Basketball Wives, but it’s a good laugh. Watch the captions in the boxes to the left during transitions, @Dormtainment did a good job on his one. #checkitout.

Brandon Jennings Tweets A LeBron Hairline Joke

6 Sep

Maryland RB Davin Meggett

By Chris McCoy

Last it seemed like everybody was taking to Twitter and/or Facebook to talk about the Maryland football uniforms. I actually thought they were dope as hell. So did Brandon Jennings, as evident in his tweet, “Shout out to Marylard Football Team Last Night, with the Dope Jersey’s….. They don’t understand It”.

Most people didn’t like them though, including “King” James, who tweeted, “OH GOSH! Maryland uniforms #Ewwwwww!”. Jennings, then took that opportunity to crack a joke on LeBron’s ever-disappearing hairline. Check it out below.

Make sure you: (1) let us know what you thought about the Maryland uniforms last nights and (2) leave your best LeBron joke in the comment section below.


Arian Foster Become the First Player to Sign the New CBA!

23 Jul

By Chris McCoy

Arian Foster‘s trainer told me to watch out for him before last season; told me he was hungry, training hard, and was going to do big things in 2010. I listened, drafted him in almost all my fantasy leagues (got beat to the punch in one), and destroyed the competition after he led the NFL in rushing.

I haven’t talked to his trainer during the lockout, but from the looks of this picture, he’s still hungry, ready to get back to work, and has a great since of humor.



18 Jun

Funny or Die brings you Dirkenbrau… #drinkup!