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Agent Zero Roasts Blind Date

9 Jun

By Chris McCoy

I guess even NBA players take one for the team every now and then. Gilbert Arenas took one for the team last night… and now the world knows all about his blind date. Arenas, who I am now following after this episode and has already been fined by the NBA for some of his tweets, definitely has a playful personality (ref: his blogs on and pulling a nine on a teammate as a joke); this was a great illustration of that. He will roasting shorty! I’ll let him tell it though, you don’t have to take my word for it. #offmylavarburton #readingrainbow.

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20 Apr

I think the 2 time MVP needed an “assist” with that one lol

St. John’s Has the Best Home Court Advantage in College Basketball

10 Mar


9 Mar

@Miami’s Five-Game Losing Streak

9 Mar

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Brandon Jacobs Stutters

3 Mar

He Scores??! Brandon Davies Has Sex: Dismissed From Team

2 Mar

Brandon Davies was dismissed from BYU’s basketball team after he admitted to having sexual relations with his girlfriend, the Salt Lake Tribune reported Wednesday.

BYU’s honor code forbids students from having premarital sex and instructs them to “live a chaste and virtuous life.”

The newspaper reported that Davies met with school officials on Monday.

BYU officials would only confirm Wednesday that Davies wasn’t involved in anything criminal that resulted in his dismissal from the team.

University spokeswoman Carri Jenkins said an honor code review is under way to determine if the BYU sophomore will be allowed to remain in school, as well as his status with the team next season.

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