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KJ Dillon Leaps From the 5-Yard Line To Score Over Three Defenders

25 Oct

By RJP Staff

KJ Dillon has super powers, or at least it might seem that way after you watch the following play. Kimlon KJ Dillon of Apopka high in Florida, dives for the end zone from the five yard line over three West Orange High defenders… AND SCORES. I’m pretty sure that’s not how this reverse was drawn up, but it worked!

Check it out:


Superman Admits Contemplating Flying Out Of Orlando?

19 Oct

Esquire‘s Scott Raab sat down with Dwight Howard for a candid conversation in the magazine’s new issue, and during their talk the Magic big man inferred that he’s been thinking about leaving Orlando once his contract is up.

Check out this excerpt:

SR: Do you think the players’ union can hold it together?

DH: We’ve got to. We’ve got to stick together. I know, as much as I try to do for the game of basketball and be an ambassador for the NBA, I don’t want my money cut short. I work hard. Not just in games, but off the court, too. When the NBA asks me to do something, I’m there.

SR: You’re representing.

DH: That’s my job, to motivate people. I can do more, show people more things. That’s really why I play basketball. That’s my whole purpose of playing basketball. I was supposed to be in the NBA. I was supposed to travel the world and make the world a better place.

SR: Do you think that the drive to represent, on an iconic level, will be a factor in your free agency? Do you see yourself in a much larger market?

DH: There’s more you can do in a bigger place. I’m stuck in a tough position because I feel like right now, where I’m at, I’ve done so much. And I just don’t know what else I can do. I can’t live for everybody else. I don’t know what decision I’m gonna make as of right now. It’s been crazy. Everybody wants me to come here, come play here, come to our team, do this. It’s a great feeling, though, to be wanted.

SR: You’re gone. I can feel it.

DH: The toughest part for me is the city — the people. They’ve got burgers named after me in Orlando, they’ve got a Web site saying, “Please stay.” I love the people in the city. I’ve literally sat on the bench with a towel on my head crying, because I feel the passion in the stands. I just think about what’s going to be best for what I want to accomplish in my life. And I don’t want that door to close on me, wherever that door is. I don’t want it to close. 

SR: Just don’t do it as an hour-long ESPN special. Please.

DH: That’s not me.”

Check out the full interview HERE.

#16 Point Guard Recruit, Tayshana Murphy Shot To Death

11 Sep

Murphy, two years ago

A highly touted girl’s prep basketball player was shot to death in a New York apartment building early Sunday morning.

Tayshana Murphy, 18, was shot in the head by a gunman in a hallway of her home, a housing project in Harlem’s Morningside Heights neighborhood.

According to media reports, Murphy, a senior at Murry Bergtraum High School who previously attended Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School, may have been the victim of mistaken identity.

“It’s very devastating, it’s something you never want to deal with,” said Murphy’s Murry Bergtraum coach, Ed Grezinsky. “You deal with all kinds of things and adversity as a coach, injuries and all kinds of family issues, but something like this is beyond comprehension.

“Somebody that is young like that and has everything to live for and has everything in front of her, she was very much looking forward to this season. She had (torn) her ACL last year and I spoke to her last week and I said ‘Are you ready for this season?’ and she said ‘I can’t wait.’ “

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LeBron Makes Fun of Himself

24 Aug

LeBron apparently woke up this morning in a good mood; making a joke about his infamous hairline.


Playing Like A Girl 2: The Interview

22 Aug

Add Tamar on Facebook: Tamar Faith LFL or follow her on twitter @youloveTamar

By Chris McCoy

RUN JUMP PASS contributor, Tamar Faith, was one of the Women’s Football Alliance’s most productive players this year, rushing for 1048 yards on 109 carries with 19 total touchdowns.

After following her journey through the WFA season, Cleveland Crush (Lingerie Football League) tryouts, and WFA All-American game, we wanted to sit down with Tamar to review her great year, and what we can expect to see from her in the LFL.

Before we begin though, take a look at some of her Cincinnati Sizzle highlights.

RJP: In its seven years of existence, the Sizzle have never made the playoffs, or even had a winning season; this year, however, the team did go .500 for the second time in team history. Most of the wins were blowouts, but most of the losses were too. In game three you all loss by 39, only to come back and win by 39 in the next contest, how crazy was that emotional rollercoaster of nosebleed highs mixed with valley lows?

It was pretty interesting to see the sideline dynamics change after getting our first win.  We’re all pretty down on ourselves (and sometimes each other) when we’re losing, but it’s like a tuxedo t-shirt when we’re winning… you know, we’re here to party but we’re still about business. Definitely prefer the latter, but its both that helped us to get better and better as the season progressed.

RJP: The Sizzle’s second place finish in their division ties their highest finish in franchise history. Do you feel like the Sizzle have finally turned the corner? Why or why not?

Sizzle had some dedicated veterans and some eager new players this year.  This season brought more attention to our team and there are tons of new ladies in Cincinnati wanting to try out. I think with the returners, the new girls getting the rookie season under their belt and some of the talent we expect to bring in, Cincinnati Sizzle is going to definitely be a team to watch out for.

RJP: This was your first year ever playing football. How has playing other sports helped smoothen the transition to the gridiron?

Having played other sports just makes me uber competitive. I like to win and it makes me prideful.  Pride carries you a long way in this game because it makes you want to learn more, be better and stronger than the next girl and it helps you get up after you’ve been knocked breathless. Furthermore, my body is used to abuse from Soccer, the team dynamic that you need on offense was experienced in basketball and when I’m running the ball I’m channeling old track and field races.   

Kobe Injures Man’s Wrist in Incident?

16 Aug

Didn't I say no pictures?!?

By RJP Staff

Apparently Kobe hates the paparazzi as much as the rest of Hollywood. According to ESPN, the San Diego Police Department is investigating an incident surrounding Bryant that allegedly occurred this past Sunday. Charges have not yet been filed, though.

While Bryant was attending a Sunday service at Carmel Valley Church in San Diego, police say Bryant thought a man was taking pictures of him with a cell phone. Bryant allegedly grabbed the phone from the man, but he saw no pictures, and abruptly left the church.

If Kobe snatched something out of your hand what would you do? Go to the hospital and get your wrist checked? Well that’s exactly what that man did, claiming his wrist was injured in the incident. Did somebody saw lawsuit?

“Something occurred,” a San Diego police department spokesman told ESPN, “and (Bryant) was involved. The investigation is ongoing. We’re following up on the allegations and trying to sort it out.”

On Tuesday, Police spokesman Detective Gary Hassen told The Associated Press that detectives won’t be able to interview the alleged victim til August 24th… Stay tuned.

Charlie Villanueva Contemplating Playing in the Dominican Republic

19 Jul

Villanueva averaged 11.1 points and 3.9 rebounds in just under 22 mins/game

By RJP Staff

When asked if he’d consider playing overseas during the lockout, Charlie Villanueva said:

“I’m actually leaning towards likely playing in Dominican Republic, my home country,” Villanueva texted when asked about overseas options.

“If I play there in Dominican Republic, it won’t be for the pay, but it will be for my people. They are passionate about the game of basketball.

“One hundred percent, basketball is my passion. If the lockout continues, it won’t stop me from doing what I love to do. Overseas is a possibility for sure.”