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The Madden Curse is Real: If You Love Vick or the Eagles, Don’t Vote For Vick

19 Apr

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by Chris McCoy

I know that sounds almost sacrilegious coming from a dude that went to the same high school (*SHOUTOUT* to everyone that went to Warwick High – Bad Newz stand up!), but I remember what happened the last time Vick graced the cover of Madden and if you love Mike Vick and/or the Eagles or know that the Madden Curse is real then you won’t vote for him either.

If you don’t recall, the last time Vick was on the cover was 2003’s Madden 04, and Vick went on to brake his leg in a meaningless preseason game, causing him to miss the team’s first 11 games. He’s not the only one to fall victim to the Madden curse though:

Madden 2000 (1999): This was the last cover with John Madden on the cover, but it also included a background image of Lion’s RB Barry Sanders, who, to the shock of many, up and retired just before the start of training camp.

Madden ’01 (2000): Although Eddie George enjoyed his best statistical season (1962 total yards and 16 total TDs), he bobbled a pass that was subsequently intercepted and returned for a touchdown in the Titans’ season ending Divisional Playoff loss, and the following season, hampered by injuries, saw his average drop to a career low (3.0 yds/carry).

Madden ’02 (2001): Dante Culpepper was on Madden 03 after taking his team to the NFC Championship game the season before, and the Vikings started the season 4-7 before he suffered a season ending knee injury, and never again quarterbacked a winning team.
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NBA 2K11 Patch Released

26 Nov

2K Sports has released the full list of details for the upcoming patch to NBA 2K11. It is scheduled to arrive early tomorrow morning for the PS3, tomorrow for the 360, and undetermined for the PC as the approval process is being completed. The patch deals with issues such freezing of My Player mode, improves shot stick timing and directional passing, adjusts home court advantage, allows for substitution graphics to be “buttoned through”, and fixes the Cavs court.

There is a lot more to the patch however as it will apply many changes to gameplay, presentation, and Association mode.

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Deron Williams “Hooked” on Call Of Duty

18 Nov

Deron Williams couldn’t care less about his character in “NBA 2K11.” You won’t find him playing “Halo,” “Madden” or “Red Dead Redemption,” either.

“I actually don’t play any new video games except ‘Call of Duty,'” Williams tells me. “I’m addicted to ‘Call of Duty.’ It’s the only game I need.”

Make that the only franchise the Jazz superstar plays, as Williams says he’s been playing COD nonstop since the beginning and is eagerly anticipating the release of the latest in the series, “Call of Duty: Black Ops” on Nov. 9.

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Got skills?? Prove it and Play for $50,000 cash and prizes in NBA 2K11

5 Nov

If you own a PS3 and purchased a copy of 2K11 click here to find out if you got what it takes.  I’m already entered and look forward to destroying competition and claiming my prizes.  If you own a PS3 add me Chawns904.  Taking on all challengers!

Still A Beautiful Game? FIFA Soccer 11 Review

30 Oct

The Fifa franchise has seen a renaissance in recent years. It’s widely considered as the soccer game of choice with steady improvements and solid gameplay holding down its thrown. Fifa 11 (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) may look like the same game as Fifa 10 at first glance. But there are plenty of tweaks and smaller additions that add up into a much different experience among hardcore heads. However, things aren’t perfect on the pitch and I’ll get to that in a bit.

Firstly, here’s a cautionary tale for used game buyers. Fifa 11 is a part of EA’s online pass program where new copies are given a code granting full online access to PSN, PC and XBox Live Gold players. That means you may be assed out if you plan on buying Fifa 11 second hand to save some money. It’ll cost 10 dollars in that case to use the game’s online capabilities. Take that as a buyer beware before you think you came up on a used copy of Fifa 11.
Fifa 11 would be an undeniable winner if it weren’t for some head scratching errors. For instance the AI is all over the place. Most defenders and midfielders are relentless tacklers and don’t give many opportunities to develop a methodical attack. It can get ridiculous to the point where it feels like you’re playing against a bunch of Essien and Puyol wannabes. Crafty dribbling skills alleviate the issue. Yet things get worse when you let the computer control your teammates in career mode. They’ll dribble right into defenders to get tackled and fail to mark their men at times. Thankfully you can control the team yourself to lower these instances. It was probably EA’s intention to make the game more physical. Still, routinely finishing games with about 20 tackles per team and few fouls isn’t quite authentic.
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EA Sports NBA Elite 11 Sighting??

30 Oct

It is extremely rare that a game gets delayed as close to its scheduled release as happened with NBA Elite 11. The decision seemed to come down at the very last minute, just eight days before it was set to hit store shelves. Given that time frame it was likely that the game had gone gold and copies had been manufactured, though they were unlikely to have been sent on their way to retailers.

Even the cover athlete, Kevin Durant, didn’t have one in hand and both EA Sports and 2K Sports make an effort to send copies of their games out to athletes early in an attempt to create buzz. It was inevitable though that some copies would find their way out, particularly with the extremely rare nature of them suddenly making them very valuable. As a collectors item a copy of a game that never released could demand a lot of money right now, and much more years down the line. Continue reading Here