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The Return Of Pick ‘Em: Week 5

1 Oct


By Chris McCoy

After posting a .676 winning percentage last year, it’s only right to bring back Pick ‘Em. In honor of the New RJP Top 25 College Football Poll starting this week, I’m starting a little earlier this year, so that I have a larger catalog of games to solidify my *PREDICTION* .700 winning percentage this year!

This year we’ve also decided to add another element to the mix, the game of the week. This week’s game of the week is between the #8 Nebraska Cornhuskers and the #5 Wisconsin Badgers. I’m rolling with the Badgers at home. Since 2008, the  Badgers are 22-2 in Camp Randall Stadium, with those two losses to ranked Ohio State and Iowa teams by a combined 13 points. So it should be close either way. The Badgers schedule so far is even worst than, Virginia Tech’s, but they have been ROLLING through their opponents. I’m interested in seeing how explosive their Russell Wilson led offense is against the Cornhuskers’ defense. I expect a game with about 60 combined points,  Wisconsin by 10.

Check out all my picks below:

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Is Josh Selby Gay?

13 Sep

Selby walking off the court after leading KU to victory.

By Chris McCoy

Josh Selby found out he got drafted 49th overall by the Memphis Grizzlies while sitting in the car with his mom, listening to the radio station. Once the former Kansas guard heard his name being announced over the airways, he ran out of the car, broke down and began weeping tears of joy.

Needless to say June 23, 2011 was one of, if not the happiest day of the 20 year old Selby’s life. I’m going to take a wild guess here and say that September 12, 2011 was not. That’s the day the rumors about Selby’s sexuality began to float throughout cyberspace.

An active NBA player being gay is big news because of the stigma that comes with being a gay athlete in a locker room. Athletes are seen as tough guys and being gay is seen as the polar opposite. Although many players and former players, such as Sir Charles Barkley have let it be known that they wouldn’t have a problem with a homosexual teammate, the media is always going to make a big deal out of it. Have there been gay ball players? Of course! Why haven’t there been there been any openly male gay ball players that came out during their playing days? Fear of crucifixion of course, and Selby’s definitely being forced to carry his cross at the moment.

Selby's supposed lover, Justin Cruz

If you haven’t heard all of the details yet, let’s catch you up to speed real quick:

Early today, Benny614TV posted a screenshot of an email exchange between a supposed Selby and Justin Cruz, which had two shirtless pictures attached. Feel free to check out the email for yourself, but the exchange went like this:

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How Boise State Wins It All This Year

28 Aug

Boise State QB Kellen Moore finished 4th in Heisman voting last year and is one of the front runners this year.

By Chris McCoy

America loves the underdog.

It’s the embodiment of the American dream – seeing the little guy make it from nothing to something; defy all odds to come out the victor. We even love to bet on them and make a large capital gain – in our capitalistic society it’s only right, right?

Well in this case, the underdog is the winningest program in the Football Bowl Subdivision (I-A) over the last ten years. Boise State is 114-16 since moving to the WAC in 2001, including two BCS Bowl wins, four undefeated regular seasons (two that included bowl losses), and only three with three or more losses: 2007 (10-3), 2005 (9-4), and their first season in the WAC, 2001 (8-4).

From the outside looking in one might wonder how on earth the Broncos are underdogs. Inferior competition. The competition in the WAC in no way compares to that of the SEC, Pac-12 or even the Big East for that matter. If Boise State played #4 LSU, #20 Mississippi State, and defending champion – #19 Auburn in the course of a month, as title contender Alabama does in November, would they still enter the bowl season unscathed? We all know that Boise State can play with anyone – just ask Oklahoma, Oregon, Oregon State… and yes even my Hokies, but could they beat all four of those teams in a row? How about in a season?
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Iguodala for Kaman? MAKE IT HAPPEN!

9 Jun

Iguodala dunking on LA Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant

By Chris McCoy

Fanache (noun): pain endured as a result of being an ardent devotee of a particular sports team or competitor.

Yeah that’s a new word… I just made it up, but every Clippers fan has experienced fanache at one time or another. Whether it was the Clippers handing the Cavs the number one pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, Raja Bell hitting that corner three to kill all hopes of a Western Conference Championship birth in 2006 (If I ever see Raja in the streets it’s on!), Kobe almost signing with the Clippers in ’04, just to resign with the Lakers at the eleventh hour (I despised Kobe for like two years after we threw the world at him and he decided to resign with the Lake Show), or just years of finishing in the cellar of the Pacific Division.

The Clippers have been on a upwards swing in the win column the last three years, going from 19 wins in ’08-’09 to 29 in ’09-’10 to 32 this past season; leaving Clippers fans with much optimism for the future, as they have a great young nucleus. The Clippers are close to getting over the hump: they had the 12th and 13th* leading scorers in the NBA this season in Rookie of the Year Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon, respectively, an NBA Rookie 2nd Team point guard in Eric Bledsoe, traded for a former All-Star point guard in Mo Williams, and DeAndre Jordan has emerged as their center of the future.

What’s missing from the equation? An elite small forward!

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31 May

by Chris McCoy

Enjoy this NBA Finals while you can.

In fact, hope it goes seven games because after it’s over there will most likely be a lockout in the NBA and the NFL concurrently, as the collective bargaining agreement ends on June 30th – shortly after the draft. That being said let’s not rain on the Finals parade. This should be a great series. Dirk’s on fire. LeBron decided to turn on his clutch gene, and whether you’re a Heat fan, a bandwagon rider, a Heat hater, a LeBron hater, or a Mavs fan (they make those? lol), you have a reason to watch.

The Mavs are the only team besides the Lakers and Spurs to make it out of the West since Jordan retired, and there will be a lot of people cheering for them to win aka rooting for the Heat to lose. How about the RJP Staff though, do any of us think they can actually pull it off? Let’s have a look…

Jumaane Corley

Personally I really want to say F both of these teams. I want the series to go seven games, and I hope the 7th game goes to 6 overtimes and they call it a draw. FIRST DRAW IN NBA HISTORY. Why? Because I’m still salty my Lakers played like some trash in the playoffs. Yes I’m MAD LOL.

With all that being said, since I have to actually pick a team to win… I’m picking Miami in 7. It would be nice to say that the Mavs would learn from 2006 and be motivated by that loss, but the NBA doesn’t always work like that. Utah got served twice by the Bulls and the Nets lost in their two recent trips to the NBA Finals as well. Life isn’t always fair or just and the Mavs will unfortunately learn that this year.
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Vick to Burress

26 May

Burress' phone is sure to ring after his June 6th release date as all 32 teams will do their due diligence.

By Chris McCoy

Plaxico aka inmate number 09R3260 is scheduled to be released on June 6th. That’s the known. The unknown? Who will he play for upon his release? Although Burress has not played an NFL game since November 16, 2008, he’s bound to be a hot commodity as many NFL teams could use a weapon like him that they won’t have to pay a king’s randsom, but who’s rate of return could be off the charts. Right?

One NFL personnel director says think again, “The first year with Vick was a wash. It was more than just being in shape. It was a year and a half before you thought it was him. I don’t see a bunch of teams being interested in Burress, but it takes only one. Who will do it? I can’t name one. But I will say this: I think somebody will.”

The lockout hurts Plax, as he is now in limbo like all the other free agents on the market right now. But once we’re back in business somebody WILL definitely roll the dice. Who will be that one team?
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The Madden Curse is Real: If You Love Vick or the Eagles, Don’t Vote For Vick

19 Apr

Click to enlarge

by Chris McCoy

I know that sounds almost sacrilegious coming from a dude that went to the same high school (*SHOUTOUT* to everyone that went to Warwick High – Bad Newz stand up!), but I remember what happened the last time Vick graced the cover of Madden and if you love Mike Vick and/or the Eagles or know that the Madden Curse is real then you won’t vote for him either.

If you don’t recall, the last time Vick was on the cover was 2003’s Madden 04, and Vick went on to brake his leg in a meaningless preseason game, causing him to miss the team’s first 11 games. He’s not the only one to fall victim to the Madden curse though:

Madden 2000 (1999): This was the last cover with John Madden on the cover, but it also included a background image of Lion’s RB Barry Sanders, who, to the shock of many, up and retired just before the start of training camp.

Madden ’01 (2000): Although Eddie George enjoyed his best statistical season (1962 total yards and 16 total TDs), he bobbled a pass that was subsequently intercepted and returned for a touchdown in the Titans’ season ending Divisional Playoff loss, and the following season, hampered by injuries, saw his average drop to a career low (3.0 yds/carry).

Madden ’02 (2001): Dante Culpepper was on Madden 03 after taking his team to the NFC Championship game the season before, and the Vikings started the season 4-7 before he suffered a season ending knee injury, and never again quarterbacked a winning team.
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