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26 Oct

5’10” Pierre Jackson Wins Baylor’s Midnight Madness Dunk Contest

19 Oct

Jackson at Southern Idaho where he led his team to the National Championship, and was named tournament MVP.

By RJP Staff

I’m guessing that 99.9999999999% of y’all have never heard of Pierre Jackson, Baylor’s new starting point guard.  The 5’10” junior guard is a JUCO transfer from the College of Southern Idaho, where he was the nation’s top JUCO prospect.

Jackson’s a flashy player who will need to make sure he gets Perry Jones III and Quicy Acy the ball this season if the Bears are to win the title like so many down in Waco are hoping. Jackson will also need to get the ball to his new freshman tandem of Quincy Miller and Deuce Bello, who were high school teammates and the #4 and 54 high school recruits respectively.

Jackson showcased his hops at Baylor’s Midnight Madness, where he won a dunk contest that included Perry Jones III and one of high schools all-time greatest dunkers, Deuce Bello, with former Bear and current Golden State Warrior Ekpe Udoh and Bear’s womens superstar Brittney Griner as judges.

Check out his dunks below:


19 Oct

Synthetic Pot Kills Division III Basketball Player

17 Oct

via Associated Press

ANDERSON, S.C.— A coroner says an Anderson University basketball player died after ingesting a chemical used in synthetic marijuana.

Anderson County Coroner Greg Shore said 19-year-old Lamar Jack’s collapse during a preseason workout and death days later was caused by acute drug toxicity that led to multiple organ failure.

The coroner said Jack had complained of cramps and vision problems before collapsing. The athlete had an extremely high body temperature when he was rushed to an emergency room.

Lab testing revealed that Jack’s body had the chemical JWH-018, which is used to make fake pot. Synthetic marijuana is sold as blends of exotic herbs and plant materials, but they are also sprayed or coated with other chemicals that produce a euphoric feeling when they are ingested or smoked.

Anderson University is a Christian Division III school.


12 Oct

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On Second Thought… I Can’t F*ck With Y’all

11 Oct

By RJP Staff

With Syracuse and Pittsburgh set to leave the Big East for the ACC; UConn not far behind them, Rutgers looking into its options, and Louisville being courted by the Big XII; TCU was quick to reconsider it’s options when the Big XII came a calling.

TCU, who got left on the outside looking in when Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, and Baylor decided to leave the Southwest Conference by accepting invitations to join the Big Eight – thus forming the Big XII in 1994, finally get their chance to join the Big XII – essentially taking Texas A&M’s spot.

Even after being treated like Cinderella, the Horned Frogs, couldn’t resist a shot at the big dance.

“We never made an excuse. We never said, ‘Why not us?'” said athletic director Chris Del Conte. “[TCU donors and fans] decided, ‘We will take care of our own. We will get to the promised land if we work hard and believe in each other.’ And you did that… Today is living proof that dreams do come true.”

TCU’s glass slipper comes with a $5 million dollar price tag; while they aren’t bound by the 27-month notice that’s keeping Syracuse and Pittsburg in the league until 2013, it will be required to pay the hefty exit fee.

No one at the school seems to be sweating the bill, though.

“Joining the Big 12 connects us not only to schools with whom we share a rich tradition in sports, but also to schools committed to academic excellence,” TCU chancellor Victor J. Boschini Jr. said in a statement. “Over the past six years, TCU has seen unprecedented success in academics and athletics. Participating in this conference allows us to strengthen the core of the TCU experience, which includes providing students with major opportunities in a personalized environment. It is very much in line with our overall goal to create a world-class university.”
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Random Thought #039: SHOUTOUT To The Fans Of Wisconsin

10 Oct

By Chris McCoy

Fans in Wisconsin are #winning right now.

The Milwaukee Brewers are up 1-0 in the ALCS versus a team they beat by 6 games to win the division. The Wisconsin Badgers are not only 5-0 and a top 5 team in both the computers and the polls, but are also top 5 in scoring offense and defense; outscoring opponents by 38.2 PPG! Oh and let’s not forget the NFL’s best team, the Green Bay Packers, who are the only undefeated team with five wins (for the moment – the Lions are 4-0 and play tonight on MNF), have the best player in the league, Aaron Rodgers, and their defense is only getting better by the week.

Brewers = 2011 World Series Champs??

As one of the most enjoyable teams to watch this year, it’s easy to find yourself cheering for the Brewers, who have never won a World Series, and lost their only appearance  in 1982 in 7 games as an AL team. Everyone’s preseason favorites to win the World Series (Phillies and Red Sox) are done for, so at 96-66 the Brewers and Rangers have the best records of the teams left in the playoffs. Plus on top of the fact that the Brewers find themselves playing an inferior team for the pennant, the NL team will have home field advantage in the World Series this year. The road couldn’t be paved any smoother for them. If any year is their year, 2011 is it!

Russell Wilson is a legit Heisman Trophy contender this season with 1391 yards though the air, another 140 on the ground and 15 total TDs to 1 INT.

While the Badgers are sitting at 4th in the RJP, AP and USA Today polls, let’s take a look at who they have to play versus who LSU, Alabama and Oklahoma have remaining…

Remaining Ranked Opponents:
#1 LSU: Auburn, Alabama and Arkansas
#2 Alabama: LSU and Auburn
#3 Oklahoma: Kansas State, Texas A&M, Baylor, and Oklahoma State
#4 Wisconsin: Michigan State and Illinois

Alabama or LSU WILL LOSE…. hell they play each other November 5th, and Oklahoma’s remaining schedule is brutal, although all of those games are at home. It’s extremely feasible that Wisconsin could finish their schedule undefeated and find themselves in the BCS Championship Game.

The Packers are ROLLING, and the defense is only getting better on a weekly basis. Last year, the defense didn’t really get it together until week 5 or so, so I won’t hold that against them quite yet. Aaron Rogers is the best QB in the league right now (Sorry Tom), and while they play in the toughest division in football this year, I don’t doubt that they’ll win the division and put themselves in position to take a shot at back to back titles.

IT’S A GREAT TIME TO BE A FAN IN WISCONSIN… SHOUTOUT to all my cheeseheads. Let’s see how it all unfolds.