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5’10” Pierre Jackson Wins Baylor’s Midnight Madness Dunk Contest

19 Oct

Jackson at Southern Idaho where he led his team to the National Championship, and was named tournament MVP.

By RJP Staff

I’m guessing that 99.9999999999% of y’all have never heard of Pierre Jackson, Baylor’s new starting point guard.  The 5’10” junior guard is a JUCO transfer from the College of Southern Idaho, where he was the nation’s top JUCO prospect.

Jackson’s a flashy player who will need to make sure he gets Perry Jones III and Quicy Acy the ball this season if the Bears are to win the title like so many down in Waco are hoping. Jackson will also need to get the ball to his new freshman tandem of Quincy Miller and Deuce Bello, who were high school teammates and the #4 and 54 high school recruits respectively.

Jackson showcased his hops at Baylor’s Midnight Madness, where he won a dunk contest that included Perry Jones III and one of high schools all-time greatest dunkers, Deuce Bello, with former Bear and current Golden State Warrior Ekpe Udoh and Bear’s womens superstar Brittney Griner as judges.

Check out his dunks below:


Synthetic Pot Kills Division III Basketball Player

17 Oct

via Associated Press

ANDERSON, S.C.— A coroner says an Anderson University basketball player died after ingesting a chemical used in synthetic marijuana.

Anderson County Coroner Greg Shore said 19-year-old Lamar Jack’s collapse during a preseason workout and death days later was caused by acute drug toxicity that led to multiple organ failure.

The coroner said Jack had complained of cramps and vision problems before collapsing. The athlete had an extremely high body temperature when he was rushed to an emergency room.

Lab testing revealed that Jack’s body had the chemical JWH-018, which is used to make fake pot. Synthetic marijuana is sold as blends of exotic herbs and plant materials, but they are also sprayed or coated with other chemicals that produce a euphoric feeling when they are ingested or smoked.

Anderson University is a Christian Division III school.