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7 Nov

Woman Delivers Baby After Running Marathon

12 Oct

The incident is generating some controversy regarding pregnancy and running.

Amber Miller just wanted to successfully complete Sunday’s Bank of America Chicago Marathon. However, the 27-year-old got a little more than that: a baby girl, June Audra Miller.

Her baby was born after Miller had completed the 26.2-mile race in 6:25:50, walking half the distance and running the remainder.

“Running marathons and doing long-distance running was something that I had already done before I was pregnant, so my body was used to it,” Miller said.

The proud new mother admits that she had been a competitive runner for 15 years. Chicago was her second pregnant marathon. She finished the Wisconsin Marathon in May. Before the race, Miller said her doctor advised that she stay nourished and hydrated and to make sure she could carry a conversation.

“You don’t want to get your heart rate too high,” Miller said. ”Surprisingly,” she said yesterday. “I’m feeling pretty good.”

Her story is getting mixed reactions from doctors. Dr. Shari Brasner assistant clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive science at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York is skeptical. “Most of the time, babies tolerate maternal exercise, but that’s of moderate intensity,” she said.

For More: Chicago Tribune

IAAF Approves Pan Am Track

11 Oct

The 16gh Pan Am Games begin October 14th

GUADALAJARA, Mexico — The new stadium for track and field for the Pan American Games has been approved by the IAAF, the athletics world governing body.

The track and field venue, which is just being completed with the opening ceremony set for Friday, will hold 8,500 fans and was built at a reported cost of $28 million.

Tuesday’s certification means records set at the venue could be ratified by the IAAF. The approval takes some pressure off Pan American Games organizers, who have been criticized for construction delays and political bickering over the last several years. About 6,000 athletes from 42 nations in the Americas will take part in the quadrennial, multi-sport championship.

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The 2011 Pan Am Games Track & Field events run October 23-30. For news, the schedule of evets and results visit the USTF website.

Floyd Going Ham on “Victoria” Ortiz on His Twitter Timeline

27 Sep

By RJP StaffMoney Mayweather was GOING IN on Victor Ortiz on Twitter last night; calling him Victoria Ortiz and getting inventive with Photoshop.He facetiously questions whether he wants "another rematch becuase he thinks he can win or does he want another payday", and gives him a new nickname: "Take 2 of these and call me in the morning".It's all for entertainment purposes only, hell that's what Twitter's for right? Check out the tweets and twitpics below.



Did Floyd Explode on Merchant Because of Post Bout Comments in 1998?

19 Sep

Floyd knocking out Ortiz in the 4th round

By RJP Staff

The world is still buzzing about Saturday’s fight. Whether they’re talking about the “cheap shot” or about Floyd going in on Larry Merchant.

Floyd seemed like he had somethings to get off of his chest, saying  “You don’t never give me a fair shake. You know that. So I’m gonna go ahead and let you talk to Victor Ortiz. Aight, I’m through. They put somebody else up here to give me an interview… You never give me a fair shake. HBO need to fire you. You don’t know s**t about boxing. You ain’t s**t! You’re not s**t!”

A lot of people have been wondering what brought that on. The 80 year old merchant retorted “I wish I was 50 years younger and I’d kick your ass.” Watching it live, Larry Merchant’s surprised face makes you think he has no idea where this is coming from.

Floyd's face says a lot.

No one in Floyd’s entourage seemed that surprised, though, like it was planned out. Like he’d been holding that in for some time. The clip below from Floyd’s WBC Super Featherweight title bout against Angel Manfredy on December 19, 1998 has an exchange between he and Merchant that may explain a lot.

About the five minute mark, Merchant asks Floyd if he’s thinking about moving up in divisions, and Floyd responds, but begins to stutter at the end. Merchant then says to him, “You’re only quick in the ring, thank you very much Floyd.” Floyd then gives Merchant a look like what did he just say to me? Has his resentment for Merchant been building up for 13 years? We’re not sure, but check out the exchange in the clip below for yourself.