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You’re Still in the League? The NBA’s most washed up players

5 Dec

Bron Bron’s move to Miami has had many ripple effects on the NBA, including this: People actually care about the regular season. That means casual fans might be inclined to actually watch a game or two before All-Star Weekend. And when they do, they might be in for a bit of a surprise. Take tonight’s Lakers-Grizzlies matchup. Hold up, Theo Ratliff is still in the league? What?!? Or tomorrow night’s Heat-Pistons tilt: Wait, is that Juwan Howard? Still?!?!….

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Top Ten Most Entertaining Coaches for Lebron to Bump

4 Dec

by Karim Dixon

So after watching “the bump” a few times it made me think. How would that situation have been different if it were another coach? Then it hit me. In a world run by polls and rankings why not do a list of most entertaining Bron bumps. What if Lebron’s coach was…

#10.Larry Brown- Lebron bumps Brown, Jordan creates a retaliatory commercial and Nike sells more shoes.

#9.Scott Skiles- Lebron walks in Skiles direction only to be stopped by the teams mascot.

#8.Tom- Thibodeu Thibodeu-  He’s seen the scouting report on every player a thousand times. He knows what’s coming. He calculates floor spacing to prevent James from landing a cheap shot

#7.Rick Carlisle-  Lebron lands one on Carlisle and Cuban follows suite. That’s what you call a die hard owner.

#6.Stan Vangundy- The team braces for a whining tirade only to watch Vangundy collapse from high blood pressure.

#5.Don Nelson- Lebron is too good for the dog house. As punishment Nelson starts James at center for the rest of the season where James will take more than his share of bumps to return the favor.

#4.Greg Povich- One of two things happen here. Either Lebron is bumped by Tim Duncan .5 seconds after his initial bump or a group of men in black suits escort James off the court after which James anounces he (mysteriously) “hurts his leg” in a fall during the press conference after the game.

#3.Jerry Sloan- Sloan benches Lebron for the rest of the year but manages a decent record which finally wins him coach of the year.

#2.Phil Jackson- coach almost never stands so there is no bump. The Zen master wins again.

#1.Avery Johnson- Remember the brawl at the palace? Just as much action just Avery and Lebron. After taking 5 seonds to digest that he was bumped Avery gives James the Vandaminator

The NBA’s Top Ten Turkeys

24 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving

Greg Oden, got us thinking about the biggest draft busts of all time.

Is Oden #1? Are we just prisoners of the moment? Is he in even in the top 10?

We just don’t know where he falls on the list until we create it, and since we’re in the Thanksgiving spirit, here you go, the NBA’s Top Ten Turkeys:

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And yes there’s a tie for 9th, with six of us, we had to use a weighted average to construct this list. Want to see who didn’t make the cut? Continue reading