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Only player who deserves MJ comparison…

18 Jan

By Eric Freeman

Michael Jordan thinks only Kobe Bryant deserves comparisons.

Ever since Michael Jordan retired — all three times, really — the NBA has searched for the heir to his throne. Many players have popped up as pretenders to the throne, from Harold Miner to Jerry Stackhouse to Vince Carter. In recent years, people have stopped trying to find a clone and just searched for a similarly dominant great player. If you ever wondered why LeBron James is seen as such a failure, a lot of it has to do with his inability to meet the example set by Jordan.

There are many great players in the NBA these days, most of whom have never been directly compared to Jordan. Nevertheless, His Airness says only one player comes close enough to his greatness to merit the comparison. Not surprisingly, that player is Kobe Bryant. Here’s what Roland Lazenby, a great writer currently working on a Jordan book, tweeted on Sunday (via PBT)

Kobe’s ultimate competition is MJ. That’s why MJ watches him. MJ made people think what he was doing wasn’t human. Ditto the Kobester.

I never said Kobe was better than MJ. MJ just told me Kobe’s the only one to have done the work, to deserve comparison.

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What Would You Give Up For CP3?

6 Dec
Eric Gordon averaged 22.3 ppg and 4.4 apg last year, Curry averaged 18.6 and 5.8 apg, while Rondo averaged 10.6 ppg and 11.2 apg

By Ken Berger of

The Hornets began to seriously engage in trade discussions for superstar Chris Paul Tuesday, with the Celtics, Clippers, Warriors and Mavericks among the most serious suitors, sources told

The Clippers’ opening salvo was an offer that included Eric Gordon and restricted free agent DeAndre Jordan, with L.A. hoping that the prospect of playing with electrifying forward Blake Griffin and the big stage of Los Angeles would be enticing enough to Paul that he would eventually commit to the team long term.

The details of offers surrounding talks with Dallas and Golden State weren’t known, though Yahoo Sports reported that the Warriors’ offer centered around Stephen Curry and rookie Klay Thompson. But the Celtics stepped forward with an offer that would not have to come with any commitment from Paul that he’d re-sign with Boston after the season. According to a person familiar with the discussions, the Celtics offered Rajon Rondo, two future first-round picks, and restricted free agent Jeff Green in a sign-and-trade for Paul.

The impetus behind the Celtics’ potential rental offer for Paul was intriguing: Come to Boston, take a shot at winning a title with Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett while the window is still open, and then have enough room to entice Dwight Howard to come on board as an unrestricted free agent next summer. Garnett and Allen come off the books July 1, leaving the Celtics with only $30.4 million in committed salary for next season, when Howard can opt out of his contract with Orlando.

Though Paul has never expressed a desire to play in Boston, if he liked his new surroundings and the Celtics’ chances of luring Howard, he would be in a championship-contending situation and could get his max deal of five years, $100 million six months after the trade.
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Pitt and Syracuse Headed To the ACC

18 Sep

What will college football look like in an NCAA full of super conferences? With Pitt, 'Cuse, A&M and possibly OU and Texas making moves, we'll find out soon enough

The latest dominos have fallen in the ever-changing world of college conference realignment. Now schools from coast to coast are left to figure out how they will be affected.

The jump by Pittsburgh and Syracuse to the Atlantic Coast Conference from the Big East, formally announced Sunday by the ACC, could create another catalyst that hurls intercollegiate athletics toward the era of 16-team superconferences.

Or it could give the power players in college sports a chance to catch their breath while they sort out their next moves.

Will Texas and Oklahoma stay in the Big 12 or join another league — possibly the Pac-12? Will the ACC stop at 14 members or keep growing to 16 — and if so, who might the next two additions be?

Will the Southeastern Conference be forced to keep up by adding a 14th school if and when Texas A&M joins? And what happens to the Big East after once again losing multiple cornerstone programs to the ACC?

“I can say that in all my years of collegiate athletics administration, I’ve never seen this level of uncertainty and potential fluidity in schools and conferences,” ACC Commissioner John Swofford said on a conference call. “Schools, they’re looking for stability, and when that stability doesn’t exist, for whatever reason, as long as that’s going on, I think the conferences that appear to be stable moving forward are going to receive inquiries from schools that are desirous of having that kind of stability.”

Until now, the focus of this most recent round of realignment had centered on the Big 12.

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Playing Like A Girl 2: My All-American Game Experience

22 Aug

By Tamar Faith

“If any of you make it to the All-American Game, I’ll pay for your trip myself.”

He didn’t know it yet, Ickey Woods would be shoveling out the airfare for my trip to the 2011 All-American game.

It had been my lofty goal since first hearing about it; but at the beginning of the season it seemed more like a pipedream then its now great and fond memory. My DB coach Lonzell Hill and I kept close watch of the Women’s Football Alliance stats all season. I stayed on the Top 3 for Individual Touchdowns and Rushing yards for the majority of the year, but the ultimate decision would depend on votes from opposing team’s coaches.

I ended up learning via Facebook that my teammate Tiffany Kraemer and I made the 2011 team. She earned 2nd team honors as a Linebacker and I would be playing in the All-American game as a First Team Tailback.

When we arrived at Pennington Stadium in Bedford Texas, we were greeted by the Columbus Comets coaches- who took on the responsibility of coaching the National Conference team. It was obvious from the beginning that most of these girls had played in an All-Star game before and/or spend a few years in the league. Not even an hour in, I was dubbed as the “lingerie girl” because of mentions of my participation in the infamous Lingerie Football League. This title came with questions, doubts, and side eyes. But I was determined to show them why I had been chosen as their teammate for the weekend. As a rookie, I didn’t completely understand all of the verbage. I’m sure that I annoyed a few girls by asking continuous questions. However, it was clear that I also impressed a percentage of them with my running. I returned back to the huddle with high-five greetings and some of the coaches suggested that I’d have a home on their team if I were interested in relocating.

What was that play again?

Getting prepped for the game I had very high expectations… my first play, however, lowered my confidence.

The quarterback never mentioned a formation in the huddle and a few other girls and I were scrambling just before the hike. This happened one more time during the first half – and as you can imagine, it affected my playing time; especially considering there were 6 other backs to choose from. Ultimately, I had a few good runs, but the game was hardly a reflection of the football season that had brought me to this point. The National conference led the game until the 3rd quarter when the American team scored. We responded and won the game 13-6.

The experience was mostly a motivating one. It was the first time all season I felt in some way inadequate – it will serve as motivation for me to become more educated on the game. I also had an opportunity to play alongside the girls who I had been gunning for all year. It was cool to get to know these ladies outside of their jersey numbers. As for me, I’ve only become more eager. I anticipate more Sizzle representation at next year’s All-American game and I hope to take the pride associated with the WFA into my upcoming LFL season.

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Wall Considering Pursuing Degree During Lockout

16 Aug

Wall finished second in the ROY voting to Blake the Great, averaging 16.4 points 4.6 rebounds 8.3 assists 1.8 steals and 3.8 turnovers

By Michael Lee for the Washington Post

While in Lexington on Monday to participate in an exhibition game between former Kentucky stars in the NBA and the Dominican Republic, John Wall told the Associated Press that he might actually take up Kentucky Coach John Calipari’s offer to return to school and continue his education while working out on campus during the lockout.

“I’m trying to see if I can take some classes on campus, and if the lockout ends I can finish online,” said Wall, who is pursuing a degree in business management. “I wanted to be the first person in my family to get a college degree, although I’m probably going to be the second one now. My sister [Cierra] is going to be a sophomore, so she’s ahead of me. Nobody had an opportunity to go to college in my family.”

Wall was a member of the Southeastern Conference freshman academic honor roll and completed two semesters and two summers’ worth of classes in his one season. Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo, Philadelphia 76ers guard Jodie Meeks and Wall’s former teammates at Kentucky, Eric Bledsoe and DeMarcus Cousins are also considering using the lockout as an opportunity to pursue degrees.

“It will just feel like the college life all over,” he said. “It’s like I’m extending it into the NBA.”

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Hey Miss Lady Vol. 002

19 Jul

You can email miss lady @ for advice or to hear her perspective on situations or sports current events.

Dear Ms. Lady,

My girl and I have been on and off for minute now. I must admit back in the day I was a lil playa…but now we’re both older and focused…hell we even got a git. So now I’m straight up with her and there is no one else. But she be trippin on some bull from the past and saying how she not goin to get fooled twice. She always check-up on me, checking my phone and whatever else she thinks she needs to check. I’m tired of it and about to go off on her ass, but then I would be wrong.

How can I get her to see I am no longer the person I use to be and that she needs to trust me and just chill?

Mike B.
Bears Fan

Well Mike…aka the use to call me “Mike Lowery” …lol. I am glad you have changed for the better. Honestly, trust is the EASIEST thing in the world to lose and the HARDEST thing in the world get back. And we have all heard the saying, if there is no trust there is no relationship. No matter how much love you have for each other, the lack of trust will pull the 2 of you apart. So ask yourself these 2 questions:
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Copa America 2011 Preview

30 Jun

07/01 - 07/24

By Brandon Moore-Rhodes

Copa America 2011 Preview

July 1st marks the start of 2011’s edition of the Copa America, hosted by Argentina. The tournament is set to run through July 24th; being contested by the 10 CONMEBOL (South America) member associations plus 2 invitees.Argentina andUruguay are the most successful nations, in the competition, with 14 wins each. Brasil are the current champions, having won 8 CopaAmerica titles.Mexico andCosta Rica (Japan withdrew) are the 2 nations invited for this years tourney. Because of regulation proposed by UEFA regarding teams taking part in tournaments not organized by their confederation,Costa Rica andMexico are only allowed to field a (weakened) team of players from their U-23 Olympic squads, supplemented by 5 other players. The winner of this tournament will go on to represent their confederation at the Confederation’s Cup in 2013 in Brazil.

There are quite a few super-talents that will be on display during the Copa America. You can find a list of all squads here.
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