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Hey Miss Lady Vol. 002

19 Jul

You can email miss lady @ for advice or to hear her perspective on situations or sports current events.

Dear Ms. Lady,

My girl and I have been on and off for minute now. I must admit back in the day I was a lil playa…but now we’re both older and focused…hell we even got a git. So now I’m straight up with her and there is no one else. But she be trippin on some bull from the past and saying how she not goin to get fooled twice. She always check-up on me, checking my phone and whatever else she thinks she needs to check. I’m tired of it and about to go off on her ass, but then I would be wrong.

How can I get her to see I am no longer the person I use to be and that she needs to trust me and just chill?

Mike B.
Bears Fan

Well Mike…aka the use to call me “Mike Lowery” …lol. I am glad you have changed for the better. Honestly, trust is the EASIEST thing in the world to lose and the HARDEST thing in the world get back. And we have all heard the saying, if there is no trust there is no relationship. No matter how much love you have for each other, the lack of trust will pull the 2 of you apart. So ask yourself these 2 questions:
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Hey MissLady: Introducing MissLady’s Advice Column

19 May

I grew up in a family of athletes. That means that year round my four brothers and I played every sport we could; from tennis, to basketball, to football, shoot I even tried swimming once – that didn’t work out too well, so I stuck to sports on the field and the court lol. Today, my life consist of workouts out in the gym 3-4 days a week, pick up bball games on the court, and watching ESPN just about everyday. Oh and Fridays nights? Well, that’s poker night! Depending on how I feel, some Saturday nights turn into poker night too. My drink of choice use to be vodka in college, but nowadays it’s crown and coke. Is it just me? Or does crown and coke and wings makes any football game 10 times more enjoyable!


So my life is nothing out of the ordinary for the average guy, right? Right! The only problem is I’m not the average guy, I’m the lady most of you sport fanatics want to marry. Perfect example: my boyfriend says all the time, “this is such role reversal,” followed by me giving the Kanye shrug and a smirk. Just last week my boyfriend and I made plans to go to the movies, but when the day finally came I remembered the NBA playoffs were on and asked him if we could reschedule our movie date. Hey that’s the kind of lady I am lol. I don’t like to cuddle all night, 10-15 mins is all I need, I love motorcycles, I hate shopping, love debating about sports and before the adult life and job kicked in full time I was a Playstation madden junkie ( And I’m talking all the playstations, from 1-3!).
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