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Updated MVP Race

19 Mar

By Ken Berger of

MVP Watch: Here’s an updated look at my top five in the MVP race.

1. Derrick Rose, Bulls: As explained here, Rose has ascended to the top of my MVP list, and the Bulls’ 11-2 record since the All-Star break — including two impressive wins over Miami — has done nothing to knock him out of the top spot.

2. Kobe Bryant, Lakers: The champs seem to have righted themselves, going 10-1 since the break and beating every playoff team they’ve faced except Miami. Despite injury, Bryant has been the driving force during this stretch — and I’m not even counting his well-publicized shooting exhibition on the American Airlines Arena court after the loss to the Heat.

3. Kevin Durant, Thunder: Durant keeps downplaying his own and the Thunder’s success, but the arrival of a legit center in Kendrick Perkins means Oklahoma City is ready to compete with the heavy hitters. If Durant didn’t think he was MVP material before, he will be now if the Thunder finish as strong as I think they will.

4. Dwight Howard, Magic: Orlando is only7-5 since the break and continues to be a suspect defensive team after the trades with Washington and Phoenix. But it’s not Howard’s fault. He’s posted a double-double in every game he’s played since Jan. 21 — including seven 30-point games and two 40-point games. I don’t buy this notion that Howard should be excused from MVP consideration because of games lost due to technical foul-induced suspensions.

5. LeBron James, Heat: LBJ was my MVP for most of the season, but the Heat falling into yet another funk a week ago only underscored why he and Dwyane Wade have fallen off my radar.


NBA’s Most Over/Underrated According to Charley Rosen

26 Jan


From left to right (Top row) LeBron James, Vince Carter, Dwight Howard. (Bottom row) Stephen Jackson, Kenyon Martin, Danilo Gallinari.


From left to right (Top row) DeAndre Jordan, Dwyane Wade, Beno Udrih. (Middle Row) Delonte West, Anthony Parker, Nick Collison. (Bottom Row) Tony Allen, DeJuan Blair, Lamar Odom.

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Ballin Or Fallin: 01/05/11

5 Jan

Here is another edition of “Ballin or Fallin” featuring the people who shined during the last 7 days and those who just didn’t show up in one form or another. I’ll mainly stay away from the names of people who are expected to hoop to the max, and focus on the gems who are having an unexpectedly good week and the bums who are playing like the Space Jam aliens came and scooped their b-ball abilities. All stats will be based on the last 7 days of games played.  Let’s make it happen!


27.3 pts 4.3 reb 50% fg

Demar DeRozan:  No Bargnani, no problem!  This former Trojan is putting up crazy good numbers over this past week.  Someone had to step up when the main man in Toronto went down.  Lately, DeRozan has been playing like a young T-mac in his prime and the Raptors have to be ecstatic with all the potential this dude has.

Zach Randolph: (28.5 pts 14.3 reb 55% fg)

Z-bo has been going hard in the *expletive* paint!  He seems to be able to put up 20-10 numbers in his sleep and this season has been no different.  Unfortunately for the Grizz, they are in the Western conference which makes them a yearly spectator come playoff time, but Randolph gives the team a shot at winning nightly and this week is no different.

Dorell Wright: (24 pts 6.0 reb 42% 3pt)

Better late than never seems to be the theme for Dorell Wright after being invisible in Miami, he’s shining ultra-bright in the “golden state.”  He’s been ballin’ all year and this week is no different.  He’s on pace to set personal career high’s in every stat this year including “forget ya’ll” moments towards his former squad in south beach.

DeMarcus Cousins: (22.3 pts 9.8 reb 54% fg)

Your favorite person with the last name of a relative has been the “King of Kings” over the past week.  He’s flashing the potential that everyone knew was there, but was afraid of the baggage that came along with it.  If he puts in the effort and dedication and gets the minutes, he’ll be a dominant big man for year’s to come.

Wilson Chandler: (23.3 pts 8.0 reb 59% fg 53% 3pt)

Dub-C has been a huge spark for the Knicks this season, and last night he made the Spurs beg for mercy.  With Gallinari out for a couple weeks, I expect Chandler to keep putting up monster numbers.


David Lee: (11.7 pts 9.3 reb 41% fg)

Lee is having a week to forget.  He hasn’t been playing up to the huge contract he signed this off-season.  I’m sure he’ll bounce back next week, but right now he belongs in the fallin section.

Marc Gasol: (10.3 pts 7.0 reb 39% fg)

The younger Gasol had an awful last 7 days in terms of shooting.  After having a strong season last year, and having the last name Gasol, people are expecting big things from Marc Gasol.  Let’s see if he gets it together.

Trevor Ariza: (9.3 pts 2.7 reb 20% 3pt)

Ariza has been up and down all season and probably has CP3 thinking that the hot start to the season was just a fluke.  If Ariza doesn’t start hoopin on a consistent basis, his time in the big easy might be running out.

Richard Jefferson: (9.3 pts 3.7 reb 43% ft)

The Spurs are on a roll, but this particular spur…not so much.  He needs to step it up and shoot better than 43% from the foul line.  Yes you read right, 43%!

8.5 pts 2.8 reb 37% fg

Jeff Green: Unfortunately for Jeff Green, he plays the 4 in the western conference.  What this means is that he’ll have to face opponents such as Tim Duncan, Pau Gasol, Zach Randolph, Blake Griffin, etc.. on a nightly basis.

Ballin Or Fallin: December

29 Dec

By: Amar Madyun

So here is my list of players who Balled out during the month of December with there stats for the last 30 days.  Also, we have a list of players who didn’t play so well during the month.  Let’s start with the Ballers.


30.2 ppg 10.1 reb 2.5 blks 54% fg

Amare Stoudemire:  He’s the reason why people are excited about basketball in the big apple.  He’s been on a tear lately and has the Knicks thinking deep playoff run in the east.







27.2 pts 6.1 ast 2.2 stl 40% 3pt

Monta Ellis:  He’s been en fuego for the warriors.  He’s putting up serious all-star numbers so far but probably will get snubbed due to the teams record and the surplus of talented guards in the west.







22.5 pts 16.2 reb 52% 3pt

Kevin Love: One of the lone bright spot for the T-wolves.  He’s putting up monster numbers so far and is snatching everything that comes his way off the glass.





13.1 pts 4.8 reb 32% 3pt

Rashard Lewis:  Viewed as dispensable by the Magic, Rashard Lewis was not having a good year before the trade and has not lived up to the expectations of a very expensive contract.






12.4 pts 9.6 reb 2.1 blk 48% fg

Tim Duncan: A future lock for the hall of fame, Duncan is getting older and his game is diminishing each year.  He’s still capable of putting up a double double but he’s not the same dominant force as before and his numbers are starting to reflect that.






10.2 pts 2.2 ast 38% fg

Ben Gordon:  Not too long ago, BG was 6th man of the year and was a scoring machine.  Fast forward to 2010 and he seems to be a shell of his former self.  Maybe due to injuries or the system he’s in, but he’s just not putting up numbers like he did back in Chi-town.

Ballin Or Fallin: 10/30/10

30 Oct

By Amar Madyun

Ballin: Wilson Chandler (New York Knicks)

As it stands he’s averaging 20 pts, 10 reb, and 3 blks through 3 games all off the bench.  That’s ridiculous!!  Gallinari is starting for now, but Chandler is getting it done.  The Knicks might keep Chandler coming off the bench to provide a spark, just like the Mavs do with Jason Terry, and Hawks with Jamal Crawford.

Fallin: Austin Daye (Detroit Pistons)

This guy had a terrific preseason and was awarded the starting gig over Charlie V and how does he reward his coach?  By averaging 5 pts, 4.3 reb, and shooting a woeful 6-25 from the field.  Maybe he’s just off to a slow start, but keep in mind this is against OKC, NJN, & CHI who don’t have superstar PF’s playing for them.

Heat Off To A Scorching Start!

30 Oct

by Amar Madyun

After a humbling loss to the reigning Eastern Conference Champs (who lost to the Cavs the very next night), the Heat have been sizzling.  I know it’s very early in the young season, but this team looks like they are going to be a problem for not only the rest of the year, but for years to come.  The scary part is they haven’t even reached their peak yet.  So far this is still D-wade’s team, but eventually Lebron and Bosh will stop over-thinking, and start playing up to their All-Star/MVP talent level.

The bench may be a concern during the latter part of the NBA season, but Lebron himself took a bunch of scrubs to the NBA Finals by himself, just imagine what he can do with Bosh and Wade.  I still believe this is the “Super Friends” and not “Batman & Robin.”  The real test will come with the first long road trip; once this team hits consecutive road games, and deals with all the hostile fans nationwide.  From what I’ve seen so far though, the Miami Heat is for real.