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Lavar Edwards of #1 LSU recovers a fumble against #23 West Virginia

By Chris McCoy

I’m officially starting the KILL THE PRESEASON POLL MOVEMENT. I mean serioiusly, why do we still have preseason polls THAT MATTER in the first place? So we can hype early season match ups? So ESPN can make money off of hyping an LSU-Oregon match up? We don’t truly know if these teams are who we think they are until about a month into the season anyways. Most of these teams are only going to let us down in the first place when we put such lofty expectations on them, yet we penalize them so heavily for an early loss or two.

Ranking teams based off of expectations is never a good idea. What if they had a preseason NFL poll (Top 10)? The Eagles, now 1-2 would have been #1 or close to the  top, and while they may finish better than they’ve started, they’re 1-2 and would be unranked and a disappointment now. Not saying that many Eagles fans aren’t disappointed, but injuries to Mike Vick give the team more hope than their record does.

The Harris Interactive Poll, which replaced the AP poll in 2005 when the Associated Press decided they no longer wanted any part of the BCS, has it right. They don’t even release a poll until we have a good feel for who these teams really are (Weeks 5-7).

So now that it’s Week 5, allow us to introduce you to the RJP Top 25 College Football Poll. The time is right; we know more about who these teams are and aren’t.

Will Blackmon win the Heisman?

Looking at the poll its obvious that our voters think there’s a clear divide between the cream of the crop and #4 Oklahoma State.

Only 10 points seperate #1 LSU and #3 Oklahoma, and only one between #2 Alabama and Oklahoma, but there’s a 22 point gap between numbers three and four.

OK State will have their chance to prove themselves, though; they play the Sooners on December 3rd, and if both teams have traveled the season’s journey unscathed to that point, the game will have MAJOR National Championship implications.

Another clear divide is between #9 South Carolina and #10 Virginia Tech. There are many people that think that VTech has peaked at number ten, as they haven’t played anybody… No disrespect to Appalachian State, East Carolina, Arkansas State and Marshall, but those teams are ranked 81st, 80th, 79th and 102nd respectively in Jeff Sagarin’s computer rankings, which ranks the Hokies’ strength of schedule #76 out of all 246 NCAA Division I teams (FBS and FCS).

**Some other suspect schedules from teams in our poll include #5 Wisconsin (148th), #7 Stanford (75th), #12 Florida (123rd), #15 USF (118th), #17 Georgia Tech (114th), #19 Arkansas (142nd), #19 Baylor (119th), and #25 TCU (87th).**

What the chasm between SC and Tech tells us more than anything is that out of the 22 undefeated teams, we have serious questions and or doubts about many of them. As the season unfolds, they’ll all have their chances to prove themselves to us.

Check out the poll below, and make sure you come back every Wednesday for that week’s unveiling.

Week 5

Top Ten Most Entertaining Coaches for Lebron to Bump

4 Dec

by Karim Dixon

So after watching “the bump” a few times it made me think. How would that situation have been different if it were another coach? Then it hit me. In a world run by polls and rankings why not do a list of most entertaining Bron bumps. What if Lebron’s coach was…

#10.Larry Brown- Lebron bumps Brown, Jordan creates a retaliatory commercial and Nike sells more shoes.

#9.Scott Skiles- Lebron walks in Skiles direction only to be stopped by the teams mascot.

#8.Tom- Thibodeu Thibodeu-  He’s seen the scouting report on every player a thousand times. He knows what’s coming. He calculates floor spacing to prevent James from landing a cheap shot

#7.Rick Carlisle-  Lebron lands one on Carlisle and Cuban follows suite. That’s what you call a die hard owner.

#6.Stan Vangundy- The team braces for a whining tirade only to watch Vangundy collapse from high blood pressure.

#5.Don Nelson- Lebron is too good for the dog house. As punishment Nelson starts James at center for the rest of the season where James will take more than his share of bumps to return the favor.

#4.Greg Povich- One of two things happen here. Either Lebron is bumped by Tim Duncan .5 seconds after his initial bump or a group of men in black suits escort James off the court after which James anounces he (mysteriously) “hurts his leg” in a fall during the press conference after the game.

#3.Jerry Sloan- Sloan benches Lebron for the rest of the year but manages a decent record which finally wins him coach of the year.

#2.Phil Jackson- coach almost never stands so there is no bump. The Zen master wins again.

#1.Avery Johnson- Remember the brawl at the palace? Just as much action just Avery and Lebron. After taking 5 seonds to digest that he was bumped Avery gives James the Vandaminator

BCS Standings – 11/28/10

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