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Is ESPNU #54 Recruit Deuce Bello The Greatest HS Dunker Of All Time?

5 May

By RJP Staff

Deuce Bello is a 6’4″ small forward from Greensboro, NC with some serious hops. Bello, who will undoubtedly be converted to shooting guard, has been dunking since the 7th grade and has aspiration of being in the NBA Dunk Contest one day…. Is it just me or does anyone else think about Deuce Bigalow when they hear his name? LOL

Check out some of the Baylor bound guard’s spectacular highlights below:


Class of 2013 ESPNU #47: Aquille Carr

23 Feb

I know he’s not graduating for two more years, but he probably won’t be 5’6″ in two years… The most exciting little man in high school basketball perhaps???

Aquille is one of the quickest and explosive players in the country, regardless of class. Despite being small in stature, Carr truly impacts the game on each end of the court, especially in an uptempo affair like this one. Offensively he gets in the paint at will. He is a good passer though he can be a little too creative at times and his teammates can have trouble catching his passes. Aquille is super athletic and can dunk at 5’6. His athletic ability and super tight handle allow him to finish at the rim when he slashes to the basket.

Aquille needs to improve the consistency on his streaky jump shot. He also needs to take better care of the ball and not try to force too many issues. His size may hinder him if he doesn’t get a few more inches.

Bottom Line:
Carr is a very good on the ball defender and can be a true pest on the defensive end of the floor. Aquille is a unique and elite talent in the 2013 class.

KILLER crossover… Can dunk and plays great defense… who cares if he’s small
Position: Point Guard
5’6″ 140lbs out of Patterson High in Baltimore
College: Undeclared


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ESPNU #1 Recruit: Austin Rivers drops 42

29 Jan

See more from Rivers

ESPNU #12 Recruit: LeBryan Nash

15 Dec

Nash may be the most physically gifted player in the 2011 class. What sets him apart from his peers is his combination of power and athleticism which makes him a difficult match-up for opponents. As one of the best finishers in transition he is fearless attacking the rim and has the ability to explode through contact and make the play. He has developed his perimeter skills and is now more consistent out to the 3-point arc and is a sound decision maker utilizing ball screens. He is still a load on the block and knows how to go to work. He also has tremendous hands and a nose for the ball when rebounding.

Because Nash is built and has looked like an adult since he was a sophomore, the expectations for him to act older have always followed him. It has been well documented that the only thing potentially standing in the way of Nash achieving great heights is Nash himself. In the past he has a had a tendency to display poor body language that has sent up a red flag to evaluators, but blow-ups have lessened and he seems to have matured and shown leadership skills. It will be interesting to continue to follow his progress, if the light goes on look out.

Bottom Line:
Nash reminds me of a Ron Artest-type with better perimeter skills. He will have a chance to be an impact player in year one of college and has the potential to be a short-timer at the collegiate level. He needs to mature and continue to round out his game, but his body-type, toughness and skill level are unquestionable.”

Don’t stand to close to the basket… you might get yammed on!
Position: Small Forward
6”7″ 230lbs out of Lincoln High in Dallas
College: Oklahoma State

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ESPNU #5 Recruit: James McAdoo

23 Nov

McAdoo is an “Old School” throw-back that highly skilled and fundamentally sound. He understands the games nuances and takes advantage of positioning and angles to make it look easy. He is an effort guy that disregards his high-profile reputation and just goes to work when the game begins. He has great hands and can finish with either around the basket. He is also an active rebounder that gets to ball outside of his area and excellent shot blocker and erases teammate’s defensive errors. He has developed his face-up game and is transitioning into a blossoming combo-forward.

Although he is rapidly improving his skills away from the basket, he is still a work in progress on the perimeter. He needs to develop more confidence in his ball handling and passing abilities when pressured away from the basket by a smaller/quicker defender. He has a good free-throw stroke, but has yet to display a comfortable rhythm behind the arc (his footwork and shot set-up are inconsistent). A focused effort on developing his body will go a long way; at the next level he will need to carry a few more pounds to bang on the interior.

Bottom Line:
One of the best “pure” basketball players in the 2011 class, McAdoo is going to be a joy for Roy Williams to coach. The Carolina faithful were teased a little when he flirted with finishing high school early and enrolling this fall, but they are sure to learn he is worth the wait.”

Bob McAdoo’s nephew is a certified beast. On top of that he’s from VA
(VA All Day).
Position: Power Forward
6’8″ 216lbs out of Norfolk Christian, Norfolk, VA
College: UNC

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ESPNU #4 Recruit: Quincy Miller

22 Nov

Because of his outstanding overall skill level Miller is one of the most versatile players in the 2011 class. As a 6’10 wing player his potential and upside are phenomenal as he combines size, athleticism and a good basketball I.Q. into a difficult match-up at any level. He has the ability to score inside-out showing that he is adept at playing with his back to the basket or facing up. He can knock it down behind the arc and is a good play maker off the dribble. He is also a very good rebounder and shot blocker when he puts his mind to it.

Miller’s strength from the perimeter sometimes turns into one of his biggest weaknesses as he has a tendency to gravitate to the perimeter too often which leads to a lack of offensive rebounding production and free-throw attempts. Although he is a shot maker, he needs to refine his shooting technique (his shot is a little deliberate, flat and his elbow is out) from 3 as his shooting percentage is bound to dip at the next levels when he is forced to get it off quicker against bigger and more athletic defenders. Finally, he has a great frame, but needs to develop his body to take the physical pounding at the higher levels.

Bottom Line:
Miller is an elite player and one of the top NBA prospects in his class. He reminds me of a more athletic Danny Manning-type player that is highly skilled and understands how to play. If he continues to work, develop and stays focused this young man has a bright future ahead of him.”

Position: Power Forward
6’9″ 210lbs out of Westchester Country Day School, High Point, NC
College: Baylor


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7-foot 14-year-old from India is ready to follow in Yao’s footsteps

11 Nov

Size, in and of itself, is no guarantee when it comes to trying to predict NBA stardom. Or even a chance at an NBA roster.

Through the years, we’ve seen countless 7-footers from several countries fall short, so to speak, time and time again when it comes to trying to hold their own at the NBA level. The Americans clearly lead the league in failing at this aspect, but a dozen other countries have flubbed as well.

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